Idaho Falls Weed Control: How to Prevent & Treat Common Weeds on Your Lawn

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Do weeds seem to grow better on your lawn than grass? It’s time to stop the endless battle with these eyesores and take back your lawn.

Here are ways to prevent and treat common weeds you’ll find on Idaho Falls lawns.

Follow Maintenance Best Practices

Healthy lawns are less likely to have weed problems, so make sure you keep your yard well maintained.

That starts with how you mow your lawn. Cut your grass too short, and it can suffer from shock — leaving it prone to weeds and making it less capable of dealing with drought stress. Don’t mow more than 1/3 of the grass’s height at a time to keep this from happening.

When mowing, it’s good to mulch the grass clippings and leave them in your yard. That will give your grass back some nitrogen and other nutrients — and who doesn’t love free, organic fertilizer?

You also need to stick to an irrigation schedule to keep your lawn healthy, especially during warmer months. Using system add-ons like a smart controller or rain sensor can ensure you use the exact amount of water your lawn needs, no more and no less.

Prevent Weeds with Timely Application

Beyond maintenance, the best way to have a weed-free lawn is to prevent them from ever growing — makes sense, right?

The trick to keeping weeds from popping up throughout your lawn is a well-timed treatment. By applying pre-emergent herbicides during the winter or early spring (before growth starts back), you can stop weeds from growing.

It’s important to apply the pre-emergent herbicides early enough because if you wait too late, they won’t be effective.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Once the weeds have broken ground, you can use post-emergent herbicides, hence the name, to control them.

Before you can start treating the weeds, however, you need to figure out what you’re up against.

Weeds can be either grassy or broadleaf, with each kind requiring a specific treatment plan. Once you know what type of weed is in your lawn, you can start taking action.

While one option is to pull the weeds by hand, I doubt that’s something you want to do. So, find a weed killer that targets the type of weed you have. Be sure to follow the label instructions exactly.

To prevent the chemicals from drifting, make sure there is little to no wind when you apply them. That will keep the product from going places it shouldn’t, like into flowerbeds or water sources.

DIY vs. Hiring a Lawn Care Professional

You may think grabbing a bottle of Roundup will be enough to combat the weeds now calling your lawn home. But, will that really work?

The urge to handle your lawn care treatments can make you wonder if it’s worth the cost to hire a professional.

Applying weed spray on your own may make sense if there are a few sporadic ones or you aren’t as concerned with occasional outbreaks.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if it’s best to DIY:

  • Do I know what types of weeds are on my lawn?
  • What is the best way to treat those specific weeds?
  • Am I prepared to apply treatment year round?
  • Do I understand the best practices for applying weed-control products?

There’s more to efficiently killing weeds than just spraying them with chemicals you found at the store. You need to know the type of weed, what will kill it, how much to spray and when to apply the treatment — and that’s where a professional can come in.

A lawn care company can create an application plan unique to your property and weed problem, ensuring your lawn receives the right application amount — because if you over apply chemicals, you can cause resistance and runoff issues.

Weeds can be a symptom of a deeper lawn problem, as well, so having a professional diagnose the problem can help make your turf healthy and lush again.

Start Controlling Weeds on Your Idaho Falls Lawn

No one wants to look out at a yard covered in weeds, and now is the perfect time to take action. Let our experienced team give you the green lawn you always wanted.

At Outback Landscape, we fully customize our lawn care services to meet your property’s needs. Not only do we work to keep your lawn weed free, but we can also perform an on-site analysis to address specific lawn problems.

Beyond being the go-to for weed control, we can also maintain the rest of your property with services like mowing, pruning, edging and blowing off all of your paved surfaces. Basically, we are a one-stop shop.

Outback Landscape is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and we service residential and commercial properties in Rexburg, Pocatello and Idaho Falls — along with Bonneville and Bannock counties.

Contact us at 208-656-3220 or online to get all of your weed-control questions answered.

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