What's The Price Difference Between Incandescent and LED Lighting?

Green LED

Have you ever wondered what the real differences are between incandescent holiday lighting and LED holiday lightihng?

Let’s take a look at average energy savings on a typical home roof line installation. Let’s say you have 300 feet of C9 incandescent bulbs installed across the front of your house. Each C9 bulb uses an average of 7 watts to operate.

300 bulbs x 7 watts = 2,100 watts

This translates into 22 cents per hour, or $50 to $60 dollars per month in operating cost.

The same C9 size LED bulb uses about half a watt per bulb. Doing the same math with 300 LED bulbs, you get 150 watts and roughly .0028 cents per hour.

When talking cents per hour it may not seem like much at first…but would you rather pay $0.84 per month to run your holiday lights or $60?

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