The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season: Professional Holiday Lighting

Remember the classic yuletide movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” where Clark Griswold has visions for a magnificent holiday light display, but things don’t work out quite as he plans?

First, he untangles the lights and commences hanging but quickly falls off the ladder. After brushing himself off, he resumes putting up lights only to staple himself to the roof. Finally, when he plugs in the lights after seemingly every inch of house is covered in strands, they don’t work because the outlet is overloaded.

Even though this goofball, slapstick scene is specifically staged for lots of laughs, the chaos isn’t too far off the mark when people try to hang their own Christmas holiday lighting and displays, particularly on a grand, well-designed scale.

Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you’re the one doing the untangling, ladder climbing, light stringing and connecting all of the many extension cords.

Giving yourself the gift of professional holiday lighting might be just what you need to deck the halls with all of the boughs of holly and none of the stress or hassle.

The professional touch

There is typically a vast difference between homemade holiday lighting and professional holiday lighting designs.

Homemade holiday lighting installations can have a haphazard look to them—unplanned and thrown together. There are usually also visible hooks, staples and extension cords that keep the lights in place. While the cost can be relatively inexpensive, it can still add up, in addition to your time installing the display, as well as regular upkeep and repair throughout the season.

Designs by a holiday lighting professional can seem almost magical in their seamless design and clever, quick installation. Trees seem wrapped in perfect candy cane stripes of alternating light colors. Colors coordinate and cords and attachments seem nonexistent as the lights come to life when the sun goes down. The scene has dimension, letting the house and landscape shine and sparkle in the snow.

The cost of Christmas

The average cost of a high-end display by a holiday lighting professional is between $3,000 and $6,000. But no two homes or designs are the same. House size and scope, in addition to number of yard decorations and trees and shrubs, can affect the price of the holiday lighting. It’s wise for homeowners to have a budget in mind, so a holiday lighting professional can create the best impact for the money.

Whether you’re dreading combing through tangled lights and climbing that ladder to your roof or you’re just finding that your time is limited and you’d enjoy a more hands-off creative and festive approach to your holiday lighting display, professional lighting designs can boost your home’s seasonal aesthetics and save you time for Christmas shopping … and a glass of eggnog.

Contact our Outback Landscape design professionals at (208) 656-3220 for a free consultation to help you create a memorable holiday lighting display. 

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