Meet Chris Clayton: Thinking Outside The Box

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Chris Clayton Outback Landscape Account ManagerYears in the landscaping Industry: 5

How did you find your job at Outback?
When he saw a job posting on for an account manager at Outback, he applied and was hired in 10 minutes.

“I love anything outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing.” You’ll often find him in the mountains on his motorcycle or four wheeler.

Family: Four kids —  Bailey, 18; Sariah, 17; Ryan, 14; Dallin, 12.

A Typical Day For Chris

Chris starts his day at the shop, meets up with crews and gets them rolling out for the day’s jobs.

Then, nothing’s ever exactly the same — which is just how he likes it. His days are filled with client site visits, meetings with customers, checking on crews.

“I’m out and about all day,” he says. “I like to meet with clients so they can put a face to the company. If you can gain that relationship and build it, if there’s a problem down the road it’s easier to work it out.”

Personal attention means a personalized landscaping plan, he says.

Chris Clayton_2Chris Clayton and family, Outback Landscape Account Manager“If I’m on site, I can do more than list the number of mowings they’ll get a year,” Chris says. “I can tailor a program that exactly meets their needs. I might notice issues with their grass, maybe see a pest that’s causing a problem. I can suggest enhancements that will improve their property.”

Maybe they can use a fresh application of mulch. Or a boost of color in their beds to make their property pop.

He looks everything over with an eagle eye.

Is the grass being watered just the right amount? Not too much, not too little? Any shrubs need trimming?

“Most people just aren’t trained to spot problems — or they don’t have time to do it,” Chris says. “They might see brown spots in the lawn and assume it’s a watering issue, but it might be grubs, or a disease.”

Chris used to own a small landscaping company, so he has plenty of industry knowledge. Outback owner Chase Coates has spent hours with him in the field to get him up to speed on each property’s quirks and unique needs.

Need an estimate? It’s lightning fast, Chris says.

While he’s on a client’s property, he sends their needs and property measurements to a colleague back at the office, who uses Outback software to instantly arrive at a competitive bid.

“As I’m talking to the customer,” Chris says, “I can give them a bid before I even leave their property.”

Then, it’s on to the next adventure.Chris Clayton and Family Outback Landscape

“There are always new things,” Chris says. “I like to think outside the box. There might be something I haven’t dealt with in my previous business, which means I get to research problems and come up with solutions.

“It’s a challenge,” he says, “and that’s nice. If it were always easy, it would be boring.”

It’s Never Boring at Outback

Are you an outside the box thinker, too? Like Chris, do you love a good challenge? You might be a great fit for our Outback team.

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