Meet Lexsie Howard: Stop By For Some Chit-Chat

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Lexsie Howard and childrenPosition: Director of First Impressions 

Years in the landscaping industry
: six months 

How did you find your job at Outback:
She’s longtime friends with owner Chase Coates and his wife Renee. Chase told her he knew she’d be the perfect fit for the job.

husband Jason; kids Aubrie, 8; Knox, 7; Knylee Sue, 3; and they’re expecting a fourth in February 2020.

12-year-old Maltese, Daizee Mae.

 Camping every other weekend in her Jayco camper; hitting the gym every day after work with the family

A Typical Day for Lexsie: 


Lexsie’s job title, “Director of First Impressions” sums it up pretty well.

She’s the first friendly face you see when you stop by the Outback headquarters, the first cheerful voice you hear when you call.  

Lexsie Howard at Outback Landscape

She sets the tone for the whole place. It’s a very upbeat tone. 

“I’m a huge people person,” says Lexsie, who’s also worked as a hotel manager and a cosmetologist. “I want every single person who calls here to have a good experience on the phone.” 

If a potential customer calls but Outback isn’t the right landscape company to help, Lexsie takes the time to refer them to other companies that might be a better fit. 

“In customer service they say that if a person has a good experience,” she says, “they might tell one or two people, but if they have a bad experience they’ll tell 10 times that many.”

Expect friendly conversation.

“I’m a chit-chatter,” she says cheerfully.

Lexsie extends her good impressions to employees, too.

She sends birthday cards to everybody on staff.

On rainy days, when everybody’s working in the shop, she might duck out to grab breakfast for the team.

“I want them to feel appreciated,” she says, “so they stick around.”

Lexsie checks voicemails and emails, answers the phones, gets new employees set up with their paperwork and uniforms. She schedules appointments, runs the company calendar and handles many of Outback’s human resources duties. 

If she’s gone for a day, the next day she hears how good it is to have her back and that it was crazy there without her.Lexsie Howard and family

“I feel appreciated here,” she says.

Why so friendly, Lexsie? 

She tells how she started dancing at age 3, taught by her mom, who owned a dance studio.

All that time on stage made her comfortable around people. 

And cosmetologists naturally love people, she points out. There’s a lot of chit-chat as they cut, curl and style.

“I just genuinely enjoy helping people.”

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