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Are You Stuck in the Dark?

Do you have to take the party inside when the sun goes down? Without landscape lighting, your outdoor time is limited. Your house might also not be as safe and secure as it could be. A house left in the dark might be more prone to burglary or trespassing. And there are even trips and falls to worry about when people can’t see where they’re going. 

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference not only in the usability of your property but also in its aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, a landscape lighting installation can get your Southeast Idaho property out of the dark.

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The Right Lighting Changes Everything

Outdoor lighting in Idaho Falls can make your home a brighter place and also extend your enjoyment of the outdoors long past sunset. 

There are many benefits to a landscape lighting installation including:

  • Security: Lighting discourages theft and vandalism. You’ll feel safer.
  • Safety: Illuminate your driveway, walkways, steps, and porches so that nobody stumbles.
  • Curb Appeal: Highlight your home’s best and most unique features for impressive wow factor that boosts home value.
  • Entertaining: Your yard can be a festive, magical place once the sun goes down. Light a patio or deck to extend your party hours beyond sunset.

Choosing Professional Landscape Lighting in Idaho Falls

Great landscape lighting is so much more than a spotlight and some cheap path lights stuck in the ground. If you truly want to get the most value out of lighting your property, you need a professional landscape lighting installation. This includes a thoughtful design and the latest landscape lighting technology. 

Since this does involve underground wiring, it makes sense to think about lighting ahead of a landscape construction project. You’ll want to take care of the underground work ahead of time, even if the lights are going to come later. With the addition of outdoor lighting, you’ll soon be getting more enjoyment and value out of your property than ever before.

Think about landscape lighting when you make your landscape plan. Even if the lighting will come later, it's smart to let us do the underground wiring during construction. Ask us about our lighting kits that bundle all the basic needs into one affordable package.


We have been with Outback for over a decade. They are a full service company and we utilize them for lawn and garden maintenance, sprinkler/pasture winterizing, tree/house seasonal decorations and special projects on our property. They are always available and have expert and attentive staff. We have always been satisfied and confident in their service. The owner, Chase, is always available for any service needs and ensures we are satisfied (especially if you are a business and have an emergency as we once did). Pricing is also very competitive and the service is outstanding. We couldn't be more pleased.