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The Right Lighting Changes Everything

It turns a dark corner of your yard into an inviting entertainment area. It brings safety and security to your front door. It transforms trees and plants into the artwork of light and shadow. It keeps you from tripping over your kid's skateboard in the driveway. Outback Landscape offers a variety of lighting options that will make your home a brighter place and extend your enjoyment of the outdoors long past sunset.

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Why Landscape Lighting?

Plenty of reasons! Here are just a few.

  • Security: Lighting discourages theft and vandalism. You’ll feel safer.

  • Safety: Illuminate your driveway, walkways, steps and porches so nobody stumbles.

  • Accent: Highlight your home’s best, unique features. Light a statue, interesting brickwork, that elegant birch tree in the front yard. Lighting adds instant drama and importance.

  • Entertaining: Your yard can be a festive, magical place once the sun goes down. Take an evening stroll through your garden, the play of light and shadow from path lights creating evening artwork. Light a patio or deck to extend your party hours.

Think about landscape lighting when you make your landscape plan. Even if the lighting will come later, it's smart to let us do the underground wiring during construction. Ask us about our lighting kits that bundle all the basic needs into one affordable package.


I highly recommend Outback Landscape for your landscaping needs. I have used Outback several times over the past 3 years and they always provide me with excellent service on every project. They provide quality work every time...Chase and staff are truly a professional bunch and great to work with. For me there's no other company out there!