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Snow and Ice Removal in Idaho Falls

Snow and ice in Southeast Idaho can grind business and daily life to a standstill. This can be incredibly frustrating. But even worse than that is the potential liability that can accompany snow and ice events. Worrying about someone slipping or falling might be keeping you up at night.

Fortunately, with professional snow removal, hauling, and ice melt applications, you can keep everything operational—and more importantly, safe. We have crews on call 24/7 all winter long to handle all of your snow and ice removal services.


Have a Worry-Free Winter

You want everything to be business as usual, but winter weather can stand in the way. Snow and ice-related incidents like slips, falls, and traffic accidents can also be major liabilities. 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing trustworthy snow and ice removal services is that you can let go of your worries and get back to enjoying the beauty of the season. Outback Landscape operates a fleet of snow removal equipment all winter long that can take care of all your snow and ice needs.


Your Partner in Ice and Snow Removal Success

When it comes to something as important as snow and ice removal services, you need to feel confident that you have a trusted partner on your side. These services won’t bring you much comfort if you feel that you have to babysit your Idaho Falls snow removal company. 

At Outback Landscape, we’re committed to taking away your worries with certified snow professionals on staff offering around-the-clock services. All of our snow removal equipment has GPS tracking onboard so that property managers know when we’re there. A storm can strike at any time. But we’ll be there to clear your walks and keep your parking lot safe throughout the door. Plus, we use environmentally friendly de-icing products that won’t harm your turf or plants. It’s all about the peace of mind you deserve.

Get started or give us a call for a free estimate.

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We have been with Outback for over a decade. They are a full service company and we utilize them for lawn and garden maintenance, sprinkler/pasture winterizing, tree/house seasonal decorations and special projects on our property. They are always available and have expert and attentive staff. We have always been satisfied and confident in their service. The owner, Chase, is always available for any service needs and ensures we are satisfied (especially if you are a business and have an emergency as we once did). Pricing is also very competitive and the service is outstanding. We couldn't be more pleased.