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We all know that feeling of turning something on, only to find out it isn’t working. It’s especially frustrating if you have no idea what’s wrong with it.

So if you turn on your sprinkler system and it isn't working right, you can try to troubleshoot the issue before it gets worse.

A broken or damaged sprinkler system can hike up your water bill and even damage your landscape and home if left unattended. So before summer gets into full swing, take the time to troubleshoot any potential irrigation problems.

Here are five things you should look for to figure out if your sprinkler system is faulty and needs repairs.

If you have a lawn, it needs regular mowing. And the clippings have to go somewhere.

Bagging clippings involves collecting the cut grass and either putting it in a compost bin or disposing of it in an approved yard waste container.

Or you can decide to mulch the clippings instead. Mulching means the grass clippings remain in the yard, where they decompose over time.

Mulching vs. bagging grass clippings: which is best? Here in Idaho, we need both methods.

Let's take a look.

Imagine the glow of a fire warming your face as you chat with friends on a crisp fall evening. Or, what about enjoying the taste of roasted marshmallows as you tell stories around the flames?

The ways you can enjoy your backyard fire pit are pretty endless — if you have the right design, fire pit size, location and construction from the start, that is.

So before you start imagining all of the ways your fire pit will enhance your outdoor space, here are some important things you better think about first.

Longing for a bigger yard? Maybe you haven't made the most of what you already have.

Professional landscape designers have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve to maximize the space of small yards.

They won’t make your yard bigger — but it will sure seem bigger.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for landscaping small areas.