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Mother Nature has a great sense of humor.

She often decides to unload the season’s first blast of snowy, icy weather just when shoppers flood the stores for holiday shopping.

Here — have a snowy, slushy parking lot! How about ice-slicked sidewalks to make shopping even more of an adventure?

If you own or manage a retail center, you better be on top of it.

Here’s a look at the three most essential retail center snow services to keep your customers safe.

Once your great new plants are in the ground, brightening up your landscape, it’s time to decide the finishing touch — what goes on top?

Mulch? Rocks? Or keep it simple with a top dressing of soil?

Let’s take a look at mulch vs rock vs soil and see how it all shakes out.

The best landscaping makes your apartment complex the place where everybody wants to live.

Beautiful, welcoming, modern.

Now add safe and secure. Professional landscaping easily increases your property’s safety and security — if it’s done right.


Take a look at these landscaping ideas for security and safety.

How To Repair A Paver Patio

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Paver problems?

You're not alone.

Your paver patio looked so great when it was first installed, didn't it? All those bricks perfectly aligned.

But time takes a toll on paver surfaces. A crack here, a crooked brick there. And why do some pavers look like they’re sinking into the ground?

When the time comes, do you know how to repair a paver patio? How to fix sunken pavers? How to replace broken pavers?

Don't worry — you'll have those pavers looking pretty again in no time.

So long, lawn. See you in the spring!

Not so fast.

There's more to tucking in your lawn for the winter than waving goodbye and heading for the couch.

Yes, your grass is about to slumber, cozy under a blanket of white. But if you want it to wake up in a few months happy and healthy, better spend a bit of time preparing your lawn for spring.

Change is so tempting.

When it's time to renew your landscaping contract, you wonder if another company might be better.

Why not try out a different company every year, right?

Wrong. That's a terrible idea.

Of course, if the service is bad or your property looks awful, get out of there.

Otherwise, you really should stay put. Here's why.

If you had to choose one winter safety issue to be concerned about on your property, it would be slippery, invisible, treacherous ice.

Ice means falls. Property damage. Traffic accidents.

When it slicks up your sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and patios, your number-one need is for it to disappear.

It takes a whole menu of ice melt products to do the job right. Here’s a look at how the crews at Outback Landscape keep surfaces safe.

The Future of Landscape Automation

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Hey, the future is now.

There are gizmos on the market this very minute that will make your landscaping more tech savvy than you are. That’s not saying much?

Don’t worry. This stuff is easy.

And if you can't figure it out, the experts here at Outback Landscape know all about it.

We love this stuff.

Here are some landscape automation features we think you’ll love, too.

Why wait until the future? Nab these gadgets now — or send your robot assistant over to pick them up.

Once a chill is in the air and pumpkins perch on your porch, it’s easy to forget about your property’s summertime needs, including your irrigation system.

But your sprinklers need some critical attention before freezing temperatures set in.

We know — it’s tempting to set that aside and deal with it in the spring. That’ll save you a few bucks, right?

Actually, ignoring winterization could cost you a bundle.

How much does it cost to winterize an irrigation system? And how much could it cost you if you ignore it?

We’re glad you asked.

Some days, you just want to grill burgers in your robe.

Or lounge on the deck with your hair a mess.

And even if you love your neighbors, you don't necessarily want to watch them skim their pool or wash their dog.

Maybe you love living in the city, but the street noise interferes with your backyard chill.

You need some privacy.

Brick wall? Too fortress-like. Tall wooden fence? Too much work.

Plants might offer just the privacy you need.

Here's a look at some of the best plants to use for privacy, from trees to shrubs, grasses to vines.

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