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Per Push vs Seasonal Snow Contracts: Which Snow Removal Option Is Best?

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When the snow starts piling up on your commercial property and Olympic ice skaters could train in your parking lot, you need that frozen stuff gone.

But there are different ways to get there.

You can pay a snow removal contractor “per push,” paying each time they plow your property through the winter months.

Or you can opt for a seasonal contract. Pay one fixed price to have your property plowed for the season, no matter how many — or few — times it snows.

Which method is best for you? It depends.

Here’s a look at both snow removal options.

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The Outdoor Holiday Lighting and Decorating Survival Guide

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Yes! It's time to get ready for your outdoor holiday lighting display!

Drag that bin of tangled lights out of the basement and see if you can make any sense of the mess.

Make your way to the back of the garage to get the ladder. Watch out for the gas can, the rake, all the bikes, the wheelbarrow and that overflowing recycling bin.

Where are those little clips that attach the lights to the roofline? Is somebody home who can hold the ladder for you? Where’s the extension cord?

Is it getting stressful in here, or is it just you?

Relax. We're here to simplify outdoor holiday lighting, hassle by hairy hassle.

Landscape Maintenance Budget Planning: Seven Items You Need To Plan For In Your Budget

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Turf care. Check.

Seasonal color. Check.

Routine maintenance. Check.

As you plan the budget for your property's landscape maintenance, if feels good to have all the bases covered.

But do you?

Unexpected problems can pop out of nowhere throughout the year, from storms to disease to irrigation issues.

Don't be caught by surprise. Make sure your landscape maintenance budget planning includes funds for situations like these:

HOA landscaping: Cut the Cost For Your Community

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Every Home Owners Association board has their eye on the budget. They want their property to look nice, but they don't want to spend too much.

Are there ways to reduce HOA landscaping costs without cutting corners?

You bet.

Let’s take a look.

7 Retail Center Landscaping Ideas Guaranteed to Attract Shoppers

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We love to shop. New clothes, sparkly jewelry, stylish furniture, updated faucets, cool kayaks. And all of it’s available online without ever leaving the comfort of home.

A recent Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults found that roughly eight in 10 Americans are now online shoppers.

What does that mean for brick and mortar retailers? You have to step up your game to attract shoppers who will stop in and spend.

You might offer sales and promotions, increase your ad budget, but don't forget the power of great landscaping to attract shoppers.

How to bring them in? Here are seven great retail center landscaping ideas.

Snow Plowing vs Snow Removal: Digging Into The Differences

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Snow plowing, snow removal — it’s all the same thing, right? The bottom line: getting all that white stuff off your parking lot.

Nope. They’re actually two different procedures, with an important distinction.

Snow plowing vs snow removal? Let’s dig into the differences.

Landscaping For Small Spaces: 8 Tips And Tricks

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Longing for a bigger yard? Maybe you haven't made the most of what you already have.

Professional landscape designers have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve to maximize the space of small yards.

They won’t make your yard bigger — but it will sure seem bigger.

We’ll share a few of our favorite tricks for landscaping for small spaces.

Gas Vs Wood Burning Fire Pit: Five Considerations

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Everybody loves a fire pit.

Warm, flickering flames offer the perfect gathering spot. They keep you cozy on a chilly night, extending the time you can enjoy beneath the stars.

And, one word: s’mores.

Before you break out the sticks and marshmallows, you have a decision to make: gas vs wood burning fire pit?

We get this question a lot. How to decide?

Here are a few things to consider.

Five Most Common Landscaping Problems on Commercial Properties

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Sometimes, your commercial landscaping just gets away from you.

We see it all the time. Property managers have a lot on their plates. Problems are often sneaky.

Maybe your irrigation system turns on faithfully — including right after it rains.

Tree branches seem to have a mind of their own, snagging passers-by and growing into the sides of buildings.

Don't worry — it’s not just you. Here’s a look at five of the most common landscaping problems. The good news? We know exactly how to fix them.

Brick Pavers vs Stamped Concrete: Cost Considerations

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Choosing a hardscape material for landscaping projects is one of the hottest homeowner topics out there.

Hopefully, our last post on this subject helped you zero in on the type of hardscape that best suits your taste, your home’s aesthetic and your outdoor living needs.

If your next step was to explore the price options, weighing the cost of brick pavers vs. stamped concrete, you probably said, “Whoa.”

So, next up: a bit more detail on that price difference.

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