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Chase Coates is owner of Outback Landscape in Rexburg, Idaho.

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A nice little low-maintenance backyard pond sounds lovely.

So you head out back with a shovel and a garden hose and wonder out loud where you can get a few pretty fish to toss in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Building a backyard pond is a bit more complicated than that.

Does landscaping increase your home value? It absolutely does. 

But some improvements are worth more to home buyers than others. 

Add a deck or patio? People love that. 

Tear up the lawn and install a skateboard park? Only your 14-year-old loves that. 

You want to be smart with your landscaping so you get a good return on investment (ROI.)

Landscape planning? No problem. It’s well underway, right? You’ve been pondering this for years.

Let’s see, your dream landscaping includes a multi-level patio; fully equipped outdoor kitchen with pergola; a stunning grove of river birch; luxury lighting; an expansive fire pit; a babbling brook with a splashy waterfall; and a mini golf course. The heliport might have to wait till Phase 2.

Sure, you could grab every box in the garage rafters marked “holiday lights” and head to the front yard with your extension cords and staple gun.

But please don’t. The perfect holiday lighting display takes some thought.

White lights or multi-colored? Rooftop decorations or front porch display? Snowflakes or candy canes?

We’ll get you started with these holiday lighting tips: