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Chase Coates is owner of Outback Landscape in Rexburg, Idaho.

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It’s a good thing you have a calendar, right? It reminds you of all the important stuff in life: holidays, birthdays, your dog’s vet appointment, the “buy a dozen donuts get a dozen free” days. 

Your commercial property landscaping has a calendar, too. Every season has tasks that are crucial to the time of year.

Winter has a way of making everybody sort of sluggish. 

Bears hibernate. Your couch is extra popular. Even your sprinkler system is out there lazing around, asleep under its blanket of snow. 

But spring is like a jangling alarm clock. Time to kick things into gear — including irrigation system spring startup.

The sound of water makes everything better.

Boss driving you crazy, moving up deadlines? Kids bickering over the fudge pops again? Brother-in-law still sleeping on the couch? 

Head outside to your patio, where your bubbling fountain is an automatic stress reliever. Take a stroll out to your gurgling garden pond teeming with koi. Plop down next to your flowing stream and listen to the birds twitter.