7 Tools You'll Need To Tackle DIY Lawn Care in 2018

There’s something appealing about tackling a chore yourself. We get it.

Satisfaction. Pride. The chance to show your partner you’re not a complete slacker around the house.

But when it comes to DIY lawn care, really give this some thought.

You’ll need a lot of stuff to do the job right. And most of these tools aren’t cheap.

Let’s take a look.

Lawn Mower

This of course, is the cornerstone of your lawn care arsenal. Expect to pay from $699 to $1,499 for a push mower.

If you have a huge expanse of lawn — or you just think riding is fun — a riding mower will cost you between $2,999 and $15,000, depending on the one you choose. The lower-cost models should last two to four years before they need major work or a replacement. Higher end mowers will have a longer life. 

Blade SarpeningPlan to get your mower blades sharpened one or two times a month at a professional shop. 

Cost: $10-$15

Trash Bags For Grass Clippings

Here in Idaho, mulching lawn clippings works in the hottest summer months. But in other seasons, we don’t have the high temperatures and humidity needed to break down the grass clippings between mowings.

You’ll need to bag them. 

Cost: $15.97


You’ll need an edger to achieve the best neat, professional look.

Cost: $289 to $999, depending on the model.

Line Trimmer

This is essential for trimming tall grass and weeds in areas your mower can't reach.

Cost: $289 to $899.

Trimmer LineEventually you’ll have to replace the trimmer line with a new spool.

Cost: $10 to $22

Leaf Blower

You’ll need this to blow away excess clippings for a tidy look.

Cost: $150 to $429

Fuel Tank For Mixed Fuel

Power lawn tools like edgers and trimmers take a mix of oil and gas called “two stroke.” You’ll need a tank to store the fuel.

Cost: $12 to $16

Oil For Two Stroke Fuel: $3 to $9

Replacement Sprinkler Head

Misc-7That’s right. If you have an irrigation system, you can count on hitting a sprinkler head with the mower at some point. It happens to the best of us.

Cost: $15

What’s Your Time Worth?

Maybe money’s no object for you and you’re happy to shell out thousands of dollars for DIY lawn care.

Maybe you have a six-stall garage, so it's no big deal to stow all that bulky lawn equipment.

But what’s your time worth?

Do you really want to spend an hour or two a week — at least — on lawn care? Multiply that by 4.3 weeks per month by 6.5 lawn-mowing months a year. That’s nearly 60 hours a year on lawn care.

And that doesn’t even include time for clean up, weeding, bagging clippings, storing the equipment, making any repairs to the equipment, the time it takes to drive to get parts and fuel.

And the time to run to the store to get that sprinkler head to replace the one you smacked with the mower.

Keep in mind the weekends are only two days.

Wouldn’t you rather toss some steaks on the grill and relax?

We Might Actually Be Cheaper

Think you’ll save money with DIY lawn care?

You might actually shell out more.

Outback Landscape offers three lawn care packages — gold, silver or platinum, with varying levels of services.

Prices start at $35 per cut for a standard-sized lawn. Expect to pay from $50 to $80 for a medium-sized lawn.

Fill out your address on our website and enter the plan you’re interested in and we’ll use our satellite system to measure the square footage of your lawn and give you an estimate.

Feel free to add on other services, from grub and insect prevention to lawn aeration to spring clean-up, and we’ll factor that into your price.

Just Call Outback

Why empty your wallet, fill your garage and use up your precious free time for DIY lawn care when you could just call us?

Outback Landscape specializes in full-service lawn care, from spring cleanup, summer mowing, and irrigation service to fall fertilization and aeration.

We do it all. Then, we drive away. No muss, no fuss.

We have top of the line, professional equipment, skilled crews and a passion for making landscapes beautiful.

Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

In 2019, Outback Landscape Inc. acquired Idaho Falls based lawn care company, Lawn Buddies

Hundred of homeowners in Eastern Idaho have been counting on Lawn Buddies to provide reliable lawn care services since 2001. Think of it as a new friendly face with the same level of service you've come to expect from Outback Landscape.

Getting started is easy:

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