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As you stare at the mounds of tangled Christmas lights sprawled out in the garage, you’re probably just focused on getting them out and up on your home.

But to (safely) get the most from your holiday decor, it takes more than a merry attitude and a ladder — although, those don’t hurt. Need some help with where to start?

Here are five dos and don’ts for holiday lighting installations in Idaho Falls.


It’s the most magical time of the year. OK, we might not be there yet, but we are getting closer to a holiday filled with festive lights, family gatherings and drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

While there’s still a little ways to go before you are unwrapping presents, now is the time to book a landscape company to install your holiday lighting — unless you don’t mind having them installed on Christmas Eve.

Quality lighting installers are going to get filled up the closer it gets to the holiday season. Everyone wants their lights installed around Thanksgiving, so if you have that same timeline in mind for your lighting, you better decide on a professional soon.

Here are four companies that offer holiday lighting in Idaho Falls.

Unless you want to spend your holidays searching the attic for decorations, untangling endless strands of lights and trying to figure out which bulb has gone bad, you should hire a professional lighting company to give your home some festive flair.

But, what will that cost?

The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season: Professional Holiday Lighting

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Remember the classic yuletide movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” where Clark Griswold has visions for a magnificent holiday light display, but things don’t work out quite as he plans?

First, he untangles the lights and commences hanging but quickly falls off the ladder. After brushing himself off, he resumes putting up lights only to staple himself to the roof. Finally, when he plugs in the lights after seemingly every inch of house is covered in strands, they don’t work because the outlet is overloaded.

Even though this goofball, slapstick scene is specifically staged for lots of laughs, the chaos isn’t too far off the mark when people try to hang their own Christmas holiday lighting and displays, particularly on a grand, well-designed scale.

Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you’re the one doing the untangling, ladder climbing, light stringing and connecting all of the many extension cords.

Giving yourself the gift of professional holiday lighting might be just what you need to deck the halls with all of the boughs of holly and none of the stress or hassle.