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Make the Most of Maple Trees In Your Idaho Home Landscape

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Golden branches blazing amidst evergreens as if kissed by the sun.

Leaves in fresh shades of pumpkin and carrot bursting in front of bronze and russet canopies.

And then the stars of the show: the rubies and scarlets and crimsons that make passers-by stop and just watch the scene with wonder.

Autumn is on its way. And trees are the main attractions—giving height to the vivid, endless color that adorns the landscape.

One of the tree species that tends to be a favorite in the fall show here in Idaho is the maple tree. 

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

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There are many reasons to aerate a lawn.

Over time soil naturally compacts and restricts the exchange of air,water, and nutrients with the root system of your lawn.

Lawn aeration takes small plugs out of your lawn to help loosen the soil and allow it to breathe easier.