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What’s your landscape design style?

Don’t know? Perfect.

You’re gonna love this.

Landscaping pro Kim Rubert, landscape designer at Outback Landscape, shares her favorite, most popular styles for Idaho landscaping.

Warning: it might be hard to choose. 

It’s time for new landscaping, and we can sense your excitement from way over here.

So many questions!

Should I get a fire pit? Should we plan on new sod? How big should the patio be? Can we fit in a couple trees?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You forgot a big one, right up front.

Do I need a landscape design?


Ever wonder why professionally landscaped planting beds look so great? 

Pros don’t cut corners. They take the time to properly prepare the bed before planting.

A few key steps guarantee success. Skip them (you know who you are) and your bed won’t have that crisp, clean look and healthy, thriving plants.

Kim Rubert, landscape designer at Outback Landscape, shares her pro tips on how to renovate a flower bed.

Bring on the color.

If you’re in charge of a commercial property, you already know how colorful flowers attract attention, impress customers and visitors, and bring the wow.

Ready for some next-level seasonal color tips?

Want to boost your property’s appeal with the latest seasonal color trends?

Kim Rubert, landscape designer for Outback Landscape, has you covered.

Outback Landscape designer Kim Rubert knows firsthand the importance of function, not just beauty, in landscape design.

The garage of the new house she and her husband bought three years ago flooded every spring.

Even the pros struggle with frustrations like poor drainage.

Water management is just one of the functional landscape elements we pay close attention to here at Outback Landscape. 

Sure, your landscape has to look great.

But it also has to work great.

It’s time to stop gazing sadly into your ho-hum backyard and create your Dream Yard.

Not sure what you need? We have lots of innovative ideas.

Worried about all the decisions? Our designers are expert hand holders.

Not sure how much it will cost?

Our landscape designer Kirk Jeppesen offers a price range for eight of the hottest backyard enhancements, from low end to high end.

Relax — we’ll make this easy. 

Right plant, right place. 

Sounds easy enough. 

Choose plants that are well suited and happy where you plop them, and they’ll flourish, with healthy root systems and just the right amount of light and water. 

Miss the mark, and you’re setting your green friends up for overcrowding, disease, insect damage or just plain dying of thirst. 

Need some tips on proper plant placement and selection?

Here you go:

Wonder exactly what goes into a major backyard landscaping renovation?

There you are, happily standing in the middle of your great new patio or strolling your nifty new deck.

The next big question: How to decorate my outdoor living space?

We’ve got you covered, with outdoor living space decorating ideas from top to bottom.  

You’ll love your stylish new hangout.

Oh, the landscaping plans you have in your head.

A great new patio where you can lounge on Sunday mornings with the birds and squirrels.

An outdoor kitchen, complete with a pizza oven, so you can wow your friends with that new asparagus, potato and goat cheese pizza recipe.

Or maybe you're just tired of your scraggly junipers and lackluster lawn. It’s time for a full-scale front yard makeover.

But how much does residential landscape design cost?

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