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The sound of water makes everything better.

Boss driving you crazy, moving up deadlines? Kids bickering over the fudge pops again? Brother-in-law still sleeping on the couch? 

Head outside to your patio, where your bubbling fountain is an automatic stress reliever. Take a stroll out to your gurgling garden pond teeming with koi. Plop down next to your flowing stream and listen to the birds twitter.

Fireplace? Or fire pit?

Either way, we see you toasty and cozy on a chilly Idaho evening, warmed by a flickering glow, sipping hot cocoa topped with a mountain of fluffy marshmallows or warm spiked cider with a fragrant cinnamon stick, captivated by the flames and happily content under the shimmering stars.

A nice little low-maintenance backyard pond sounds lovely.

So you head out back with a shovel and a garden hose and wonder out loud where you can get a few pretty fish to toss in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Building a backyard pond is a bit more complicated than that.

Does landscaping increase your home value? It absolutely does. 

But some improvements are worth more to home buyers than others. 

Add a deck or patio? People love that. 

Tear up the lawn and install a skateboard park? Only your 14-year-old loves that. 

You want to be smart with your landscaping so you get a good return on investment (ROI.)