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Before you hang out that “Do Not Disturb: It’s Summer” sign, take a minute to think about your landscaping.

Around the end of July, the hottest time of year here in Southeast Idaho, the daily average temperature is 87 degrees.

Not hot enough for your tomato plants to spontaneously combust, but plenty hot enough to stress your thirsty lawn, encourage ugly fungus, and lure apparently every creepy bug in the state into your house.

The best landscaping makes your apartment complex the place where everybody wants to live.

Beautiful, welcoming, modern.

Now add safe and secure. Professional landscaping easily increases your property’s safety and security — if it’s done right.


Take a look at these apartment landscaping ideas for security and safety.

Some days, you just want to grill burgers in your robe.

Or lounge on the deck with your hair a mess.

And even if you love your neighbors, you don't necessarily want to watch them skim their pool or wash their dog.

Maybe you love living in the city, but the street noise interferes with your backyard chill.

You need some privacy.

Brick wall? Too fortress-like. Tall wooden fence? Too much work.

Plants might offer just the privacy you need.

Here's a look at some of the best plants to use for privacy, from trees to shrubs, grasses to vines.