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Some things always look better when you leave it to a pro.

Those frosted cupcakes with the fancy swirls. Dog grooming. An oil painting for over your couch.

What about lawn mowing? Professionally mowed lawns always look so neat and tidy, right? And proper mowing isn’t just about looks — it actually affects the health of your lawn.

Man, winter, you really know how to make a mess.

Surveying your yard at the end of winter is kind of like walking into your kitchen the morning after your Super Bowl party — except no fallen tree branches scattered all over the kitchen floor. (If there are tree branches, congrats — that must have been some party.)

Once winter has made its mess and moved on, it’s time for spring landscape cleanup. 

What needs to happen out there? 

Here’s a handy spring yard cleanup checklist:

Sometimes unexpected surprises are great, right?

Buy one pizza, get one free!

The power’s out at work so you get the day off! 

An extra Snickers bar came out of the vending machine! 

Woo hoo! 

Then there are unexpected landscape maintenance costs. Storm damage. Diseases. Irrigation issues. Not so great. 

But if you plan ahead for them, they’re not so unexpected. Suddenly, you’re a genius for budgeting for these pop-up landscape maintenance costs.