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Does landscaping increase your home value? It absolutely does. 

But some improvements are worth more to home buyers than others. 

Add a deck or patio? People love that. 

Tear up the lawn and install a skateboard park? Only your 14-year-old loves that. 

You want to be smart with your landscaping so you get a good return on investment (ROI.)

Some of the best flower garden tips come at the very beginning, long before the first purple coneflower blooms.

They’re all about taking time to properly prepare the planting bed, to make sure those cheerful Shasta daisies and pretty pink phlox really thrive.

Then what? What about weeding? Feeding? Burping? (Nope, that last one’s just for babies.) 

How do you maintain a flower bed?

When your car needs a tune-up, chances are you don’t take it to one place for new spark plugs, another for the air filter, and a third place to check your fluids. 

That makes no sense. How are you supposed to relax in the waiting room and have coffee and a chocolate donut if you’re spending all your time driving to all those auto repair shops? 

Now think about your commercial property’s landscaping needs. If you’re hiring separate vendors for your lawn care, your irrigation, your construction projects, and your snow and ice management, you’re dealing with a lot of unnecessary stress.