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Remember when your patio looked so pretty? Smooth, clean and weed-free?

What the heck happened?

Now it's a jungle out there, with weeds and grass sprouting between the pavers like a primeval forest.

How to keep weeds from growing between pavers? How to get rid of grass between paving stones?

Is there a way to prevent them from sprouting in the first place?

We have your weed-free answers, step by step.

We’re about to put you in a bad mood with just one word: weeds.

Sorry about that.

We hate them, too — which is why we do everything in our power to keep the dastardly pests out of your lawn.

But weeds have secret powers that defy the most dogged weed control tactics. It’s why you still see stray weeds in your lawn — even after you’ve paid us to come prevent and kill them.

The truth about our lawn care service is that we can’t keep your yard completely weed free.

We’re about to tell you why.

Brand new shirts and shoes, wrinkle and dirt free, and a backpack full of freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils and composition books—not a doodle in sight … yet.

It’s that time of year again: back to school.

School kick-off is always time to start fresh, get new school supplies, make new friends, learn new things and grow.

While you’re writing school appointments and assignments on your calendar and organizing your family’s new schedule, this is also a great time to take a look outside and assess how your lawn is doing. These are typically known as the dog days of summer. And just as you’re returning your family to a more organized agenda, evaluating your turf maintenance can help you avoid some typical lawn bullies that can put a damper on your fall turf.