Does Organic Lawn Care Work in Idaho?

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Did you know the average yard contains 10 times more chemicals per acre than a typical commercial farm, according to Consumer Reports?

Those chemicals can come from lawn care products like herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that are applied to improve the look and health of your turf.

While there are definite benefits to these chemicals, some homeowners want to make their lawns more environmentally friendly, leading them to turn to organic lawn care.

Organic products are derived from natural sources and can make lawns more sustainable over time. Since this organic option is somewhat new to the industry, you may be wondering if it’s a viable option for your Idaho lawn.

Does organic lawn care work in Idaho? Here’s a look:

Organic Lawn Care Results in Idaho

There are a variety of turf types around the state, but what it really comes down to is the soil. Healthy soil produces lush, healthy grass.

Idaho has a range of soils due to topography, origin and climate. For example, most soils in southern Idaho have a high pH and contain little organic matter, according to the University of Idaho Extension. And up north, soils mainly have a low pH and contain considerable amounts of organic matter.

Your area and current soil conditions will determine the best course of action for your lawn care treatment plan. Organic lawn care is one option to manage Idaho properties. You just need to decide if it’s the best choice for your needs.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Most people are attracted to organic lawn care for its environmental and health benefits. With more people choosing to “go green,” the number of organically treated lawns continues to grow.

Here are some of the pros of using organic lawn care products:

  • Improves root growth
  • Safer for children and pets
  • Reduces harmful pollutants in water sources
  • Biodegradable

Organic lawn care products can also lessen drought stress on your property, reducing the amount of water needed.

Downsides of Going Organic

When deciding if you want to take an organic approach to your property, you need to weigh the good with the bad.

One of the main cons to organic lawn care is the price. On average, it will cost more for organic services, compared to using traditional chemicals.

It will also take longer to start seeing results from organic products, sometimes taking a year or two to get it to a high standard. So, if you want weeds to die quickly, you may want to think twice about organic care.

Chemicals will target problem areas, often showing a difference in a day or two, while organic lawn care can take several applications to begin seeing a change. Using in-organic products can also be mixed to address specific pests, diseases and weeds, often providing better results if there are major issues.

Another possible downside to going organic is that not all lawn care companies offer this service. So, that can be a bit of a roadblock if your current company doesn’t provide the service.

Lawn Maintenance is Key to Organic Success

Keeping your landscape well maintained is going to increase the success of organic lawn care, if you go that route. Proper maintenance will help ensure your lawn stays healthy, which aids in organic services having the biggest effect.

Your maintenance schedule should include regular mowing during peak months, a water management plan and components (such as an updated irrigation system and proper drainage) and annual services like aeration.

The soil should also be checked periodically to see if it needs amendments or its pH lowered or raised. A lush lawn starts with healthy soil, no matter if you choose organic products or chemicals.

Organic Lawn Care Can Work, But…

You need to know what to expect from organic lawn care services to set realistic expectations. If your goal is to have a more environmentally friendly lawn and you can tolerate a few weeds, organic lawn care may be the right choice for you.

Look for a lawn care company that offers organic and chemical services so you have both options and can better compare the two.

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