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If you close your eyes, you can imagine your great new outdoor kitchen, right?

A gleaming grill, sleek countertops, an inviting patio with plenty of seating. Maybe a pergola overhead, strung with twinkling white lights. 

Listen, and you can almost hear the sound of your steak fajitas sizzling. Yum.

What Is Hardscaping?

Nothing against flowers, shrubs, and trees — everybody loves those guys.

But hardscape is where your Idaho landscaping starts to get fun.

It’s the patio where you bust out the margaritas after a long week of work. The pretty pergola where you sneak out for a bit of quiet time, just you and that box of ice cream sandwiches you hid — um, stored — in the freezer.

When you think about retaining walls, you probably imagine stacks of stones that contain parts of the landscape, prevent soil erosion and manage sloped terrain.

But, there are actually several other retaining wall ideas beyond those practical purposes. About 50 percent of the retaining walls we install into an Idaho landscape are out of necessity, while the other half are to add other elements.