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5 Steps to Renovate Your Flower Beds

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Ever wonder why professionally landscaped flower beds look so great? 

Pros don’t cut corners. They take the time to properly prepare the planting bed before planting.

A few key steps to renovating plant beds guarantee success. Skip them and your bed won’t have that crisp, clean look and healthy, thriving plants.

Outback Landscape designer Kim Rubert knows firsthand the importance of function, not just beauty, in landscape design.

The garage of the new house she and her husband bought years ago flooded every spring.

Even the pros struggle with frustrations like poor landscape drainage.

Water management is just one of the functional landscape design elements that need to be considered.

Sure, your landscape has to look great. But it also has to work great.

In this blog we'll discuss the important pieces of a functional landscape design, including:

  • Drainage and Water Management
  • Fire Pit Function
  • Proper Plant Placement
  • Windbreaks for Your Landscape
  • Landscape Privacy Screening 


One of the latest trends in planters and containers is perfect for commercial properties.

Big planters. Really big.

These giant pots filled with dramatic, impressive plants, flowers — and even trees — make an instant impact.

Imagine them flanking your entrance, lining your walkway or holding court in your courtyard.

They’re impossible to ignore.

We know what you’re thinking. What to plant in large containers? Do they change with the seasons? Who waters them?

We have all the answers.

There’s nothing like stunning beds of beautiful, colorful flowers. They brighten up the landscape like nothing else.

But you know, those bright blooms don't just flourish on their own, right?

Somebody plants them, carefully and with specific steps. Somebody waters them, fertilizes them, weeds them and makes sure pesky pests aren't treating them like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

There’s more to those beds of striking seasonal flowers than meets the admiring eye. So when you talk about cost, you need to factor in a lot of care.