What Factors Go Into The Cost of Seasonal Color in Idaho?

There’s nothing like stunning beds of beautiful, colorful flowers. They brighten up the landscape like nothing else.

But you know, those bright blooms don't just flourish on their own, right?

Somebody plants them, carefully and with specific steps. Somebody waters them, fertilizes them, weeds them and makes sure pesky pests aren't treating them like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

There’s more to those beds of striking seasonal flowers than meets the admiring eye. So when you talk about cost, you need to factor in a lot of care.

How Much Does Seasonal Color Cost?

Cost varies, depending on what flowers you use and how many. Here at Outback Landscape, we bid each job individually, because each property is unique.

But it’s safe to plan on $50 to $75 per flat of flowers, delivered and installed.

We know what you’re thinking — you can buy a flat of flowers for much less than that. Sure, you can.

But this cost reflects a lot of time, effort and skill that goes into a healthy, happy display of seasonal color.

We’ll show you what we mean.

how much does seasonal color cost

Planning The Job

Plants don't just go in, willy nilly. This kind of job needs planning.

Is there a water source available for irrigation once the flowers are planted?

Where are the best spots to showcase seasonal color? Should large containers be part of the plan? How many plants will be needed? What are the soil conditions?

What flowers and plants are best suited to the light conditions, soil and other environmental factors?

Preparing The Area

If you already have existing beds, the preparation will be simpler than if you’re starting from scratch.

The crew will first need to remove existing plants leftover from last season and any other debris or weeds.

Then, they’ll loosen the compacted soil to help with planting and to ensure nice, loose soil for the plants’ health all season.

Amending The Soil

After loosening the soil, they’ll amend the soil with a quality soil mix, and mix in granular fertilizer, as well as a pre-emergent weed killer to enrich the existing soil.

Planting The Flowers

Just plop them into a hole in the ground, right? Not exactly. Professionals take the time to care for the all-important root system, carefully loosening the compacted roots before planting.

They take into consideration the mature size of the plants before deciding how far to space them, and which plants go in the back row, middle and front of the beds.

The Importance Of Maintenance

Nothing brightens up a property like bursts of beautiful, colorful flowers from early spring to late fall. But annual flowers are needy. Without weekly attention, those stunning beds can quickly turn into eyesores that actually detract from your property’s appearance.

Regular watering, weeding, deadheading, fertilizing and pest control are crucial. So don’t forget maintenance when considering the cost of seasonal color.


Here in Idaho Falls, we install seasonal annuals once the threat of frost has passed — usually at the end of May.

Then, at the end of the season, after the first frost, we clean out the spent flowers and prepare the beds for fall.

Trust Your Seasonal Color To Outback Landscape

The expert crews at Outback Landscape love installing bright, seasonal color, knowing it elevates the entire property and makes everybody happy. Among our many favorite summer annuals: pretty snapdragons, classic geraniums and osteospermum, with its cheerful, daisy-like blooms.

Then our crews provide skilled maintenance services to keep the blooms looking their best all season long.

We’ll design a rotating planting schedule so your grounds look their colorful best at any time of year, from spring bulbs to summer flowers to the texture and fall color of ornamental cabbages and kale.

We serve residential and commercial properties in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Bonneville, Madison and Bannock counties.

Call us at 208-656-3220. Or fill out the contact form to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our team members.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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