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There’s something appealing about tackling a chore yourself. We get it.

Satisfaction. Pride. The chance to show your partner you’re not a complete slacker around the house.

But when it comes to DIY lawn care, really give this some thought.

You’ll need a lot of stuff to do the job right. And most of these tools aren’t cheap.

Let’s take a look.

Selling your house? You’re probably up to your armpits in paint, new rugs and grout cleaner to get the place spiffed up.

Have you looked at your front yard?

Landscaping plays a huge part in selling a house.

Think about it. Potential homebuyers see your lawn, your garden beds and your front walkway long before they get a peek at that half bath you remodeled.

In fact, if your landscaping is a big turn off, they might just drive right past.

Here are 10 landscaping tips to help you sell your house:

Websites, business cards, advertising, social media — there’s a lot to think about when you’re creating and maintaining your company’s brand.

Don’t forget landscaping.

The landscaping and maintenance of your property — and the company responsible for it — make a huge impact on your brand.

How? We’ll show you.