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The right lighting changes everything.

It turns a dark corner of your yard into an inviting entertainment area. It brings safety and security to your front door. It transforms trees and plants into artwork of light and shadow. It keeps you from tripping over your kid's skateboard in the driveway.

But all the decisions involved in choosing your landscape lighting design can be a bit overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at how to choose landscape lighting for your home.

Here at Outback, we love getting our hands in the dirt, building patios brick by brick and feeling the sun on our faces.

It’s why most of us got into this business in the first place.

But we love technology, too.

Landscape industry tech has exploded lately, and we use it every day. 

We’ve all seen them. Houses with lighting so bright they could be in Vegas. Homes with winding paths dotted with — are those fireflies? Nope, just barely noticeable solar powered lights.

And that house with so many different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures it looks like a display model for a lighting company.

Landscape lighting design mistakes are pretty common. Homeowners make them. Even less skilled professionals make them.

Here are six common landscape lighting design mistakes to avoid.

When you gaze out into your back yard after dark, what do you see?

Go ahead — take a look. We’ll wait.

Nothing to report?

That’s too bad. There are a bunch of great things going on back there that are worth illuminating.

Think about all your favorite backyard features. Your cool deck. Your beautiful garden plants. Your home’s architectural features. Your stately old trees.

Chase Coates, president of Outback Landscape, has five landscape lighting ideas that will take your back yard to the next level.