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6 Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Your Idaho Falls Home

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So you think you’re a great multitasker, juggling work emails, dinner prep and unloading the dishwasher all at once? 

Landscape lighting says hold my bulb. It’s the ultimate multitasker. Watch while it offers a warm welcome, keeps you from tripping on the porch steps, turns your plants into stunning artwork, makes your backyard a party paradise and tells potential intruders to hit the road.

Illuminating Answers To All Your Outdoor Lighting Questions


You never know just how powerful and important light is — until it goes away. Even the most familiar setting becomes foreign when plunged unexpectedly into darkness.

As a child, your fear of creatures that went bump in the night went away with the simple click of a night light’s switch.

The right lighting changes everything.

It turns a dark corner of your yard into an inviting entertainment area. It brings safety and security to your front door. It transforms trees and plants into artwork of light and shadow. It keeps you from tripping over your kid's skateboard in the driveway.

But all the decisions involved in choosing your landscape lighting design can be a bit overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at how to choose landscape lighting for your home.