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Unless you want to spend your holidays searching the attic for decorations, untangling endless strands of lights and trying to figure out which bulb has gone bad, you should hire a professional lighting company to give your home some festive flair.

But, what will that cost?

The Top 4 Outdoor Lighting Trends

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The days are getting shorter as we head into fall, but that shouldn’t mean you have less time to enjoy your outdoor space.

You can still entertain and relax in your yard well into the night with outdoor lighting.

You can add lighting to patios, steps, walkways, pools, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, sitting walls and other areas to enhance and add safety to your space.

There’s a wide range of products, technology and applications for outdoor lighting, making it a top request from customers.

There’s no better time than summer to spend hours outside. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The air stays warm through the day and into evening.

In fact, you may even prefer taking your vacation in your own backyard instead of packing everything up into the car and driving to the beach or the mountains. With barbecues, outdoor kitchens, patios and fireplaces, today’s backyards are relaxing, recreational entertainment spaces—personal escapes, if you will.

15 Up Light LED Package

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Looking to add light to your landscape and don't know where to start? Try one of our LED outdoor landscape lighting packages! All packages always include installation as well as the product. You won't have to do a thing, well except call us to schedule your installation. There are many advantage to using LED Lighting in