6 Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Your Idaho Falls Home

So you think you’re a great multitasker, juggling work emails, dinner prep and unloading the dishwasher all at once? 

Landscape lighting says hold my bulb. It’s the ultimate multitasker. Watch while it offers a warm welcome, keeps you from tripping on the porch steps, turns your plants into stunning artwork, makes your backyard a party paradise and tells potential intruders to hit the road.

All with the flip of a switch. Or a tap of your smartphone. 

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

Let’s shed some light on it.

1. It Offers a Warm and Cozy Welcome

A dark spooky house is great for Halloween, but for the other 364 days of the year, you want your home to offer the soft glow of a warm welcome, with well-lit entries and paths. Bonus if your front yard trees and plants are highlighted with pools of pretty light. 

Landscape lighting in backyard

Don’t forget holiday lighting. It's the ultimate festive welcome. 

Outline your roof, gingerbread house style, or custom wrap your forest of spruce trees in glittery lights.

Make your porch pop with giant glittery gifts tied up in bows. Wow the neighbors with a color-changing light show. This is the season to shine.

2. It Shows Off Your Cool Stuff

Don’t be modest — we know you have cool stuff. That great pergola. Your arched front entry. That pretty stand of birch trees. That impressive paver driveway.

landscape lighting along walkway and on trees

Don’t hide your cool stuff in the shadows. One of the advantages of landscape lighting is it helps you — and everybody else — appreciate your landscaping highlights after dark. Show it off.

3. It Makes Your Backyard an Evening Hot spot

Really look at your backyard. So. Much. Potential. 

Romantic dinners on the patio. Stargazing and wine tasting with friends. Just you and that last slice of carrot cake you hid in the vegetable drawer. It’s all fun worth lighting. 

patio with built in nightlighting

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting? Your ho-hum backyard becomes an after-dark hot spot. 

All you have to do is light the spots in your yard where you relax, entertain, and have fun. Your pretty pergola? Check. The curvy sitting walls on your patio? Absolutely. Your fire pit? We know what you’re thinking. The fire creates light. Why add more light?

Just-right lighting illuminating your flickering gathering spot adds to the cozy atmosphere. Even more important, it adds safety. You don’t want anyone to trip in the dark and fall too close to the flames.

4. Leafy Outdoor Artwork, Anyone?

Do you mostly forget about your trees and plants once the sun goes down? That’s kind of sad, don’t you think? 

One of the great benefits of landscape lighting often gets overlooked — the right lighting can turn your trees and plants into captivating outdoor artwork. 

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The lacy leaves of your Japanese maple create delicate intriguing shadows. That stand of pretty birches transforms into an elegant living sculpture. 

Lighting your trees and plants at night shows off their dramatic shapes, adding an automatic boost of drama — and super cool curb appeal after dark. 

5. Lighting Offers Safety and Security

This is one of the benefits of outdoor lighting that homeowners often think of first. 

Be confident about your property’s safety by lighting the places where you and your guests walk. That’s a lot of places, right? We’ll pause so you can make a list. 

The front porch. Your deck stairs. Steps from one level of your patio to the other. Walkways. Your driveway. The path to the hot tub. 

While landscape lighting creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere for the people you want at your house, it also deters the people you don’t want at your house. 

landscape lighting built into seat wall near firepit

What are the benefits of landscape lighting? It keeps prowlers from looking in your windows or lurking in the bushes. It makes it easy for neighbors to spot any potential bad guys.

And security lighting doesn’t necessarily have to mean huge flood lights triggered by sensitive motion sensors.

Installed correctly, even the most aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting automatically provides safety and security just by its presence.

6. Fake Your Own Moonlight

You don’t have to be a werewolf to appreciate the beauty of hanging out under the glow of moonlight. 

lighting on deck

But the moon doesn’t always cooperate. Clouds really know how to crash the party. 

No matter. One of the cool advantages of landscape lighting is you can create your own “moonlight” by installing  fixtures up in the trees or on the eaves of your house to spill light down on your backyard. 

Instant “moonlit” glow that’s worth howling about.

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