How Apartment Landscaping Increases Security and Safety

The best landscaping makes your apartment complex the place where everybody wants to live.

Beautiful, welcoming, modern.

Now add safe and secure. Professional landscaping easily increases your property’s safety and security — if it’s done right.


Take a look at these apartment landscaping ideas for security and safety.

Bright, Appealing Lighting

When it comes to adding safety and security to your property, landscape lighting is king.

Skillfully installed lighting automatically makes tenants and visitors feel safer. They can see the way to their cars in the parking lot. They can travel walkways and sidewalks without worrying about tripping.

Nobody can hide in the dark, creepy corners if there aren’t any.

Club houses and common areas are great additions to an apartment complex, but tenants won’t feel safe using them if they’re cloaked in shadows. Don’t forget to light the paths people take to get there, too.

Top spots to light: Parking lots, walkways, common areas, entrances, club houses. And any areas around your security cameras.  

New, Safer Walkways

It’s easy to forget about your apartment complex walkways. They’ve always been there, right?

That may be the problem.

Are they cracked? Maybe a bit uneven after all these years? If so, they could cause pedestrians to trip and fall.

Replace them with attractive, durable pavers and you instantly make your apartment complex safer. You’ll be amazed how much better they look, too.

walkway landscape at apartment complex

Plants Add Privacy and Security

Part of feeling secure in your home is knowing you have some privacy.

Privacy plants are a great idea for apartment complex landscaping. Climbing plants on trellises add an instant mini wall. Oversized planters filled with small trees and intriguing plants create coziness and privacy on a patio or in a common area.

Well-planned planting beds with layers of interesting plants at different heights separates one area from another and offers a bit of enclosure.

The right landscaping choices can keep potential intruders away, too. Plants with sharp thorns — think hawthorns and roses — deter trespassers. Several types of holly have sharp, spiky leaves.

Proper Drainage

Don’t think much about drainage? We don’t blame you. It’s not the most compelling topic.

But it has a huge impact on the safety of your apartment complex.

A good landscaping company pays attention to your property’s drainage, keeping things clear and running smoothly.

What happens when you have too much water on your property? It can erode sidewalks, damage foundations, cause mold and mildew. Layers of soggy, slippery leaves can cause slip and fall accidents.

Landscaping pros have a number of solutions for drainage issues, from installing retention ponds to adding a rainwater harvesting system.

Remember Our Furry Friends

As more and more apartment complexes allow pets, it’s important to create outdoor spaces for them.

Include pet runs, or common areas large enough for tenants to take Fluffy or Duke out for a morning romp or an afternoon play session.

apartment complex landscape area to walk dog

How Maintenance Provides Safety

Apartment landscaping ideas for safety go beyond installing plants and enhancements. Maintenance pays a huge role.  

When your landscaping crews regularly trim your shrubs and bushes, they’re keeping your property safe.

Left unattended, trees can eventually grow over your security cameras or block the signage tenants and visitors need to navigate. And tall, overgrown bushes are perfect places for intruders to hide.

Old, decaying tree branches are unstable, and can come crashing down at any time. That poses a huge risk to people and property.  Wayward overgrown branches can snag pedestrians as they pass by.

Plants grow faster than you think. Don’t let them become hazards.

Keep On Top Of Snow And Ice

If your landscape company also offers snow and ice removal, sign yourself up.

You know better than anyone the importance of keeping your tenants and their visitors safe.

Once snow and ice season blasts in, your apartment complex sidewalks and parking lots can instantly turn treacherous, coated in a slick of ice. Liability issues loom.

Be sure you have a plan to keep your property safe and clear.

The number one complaint we hear from apartment complex tenants is lack of snow and ice removal — they hate snow-covered, slippery surfaces. Most don’t have garages, so snow management is a huge concern.

Also, be sure to designate areas where your snow can be stored so it doesn’t eat up valuable parking space in the winter. Parking is often scarce for apartment dwellers, even without the added concern of snow.

We Look Out For You

When our Outback crews spend a lot of time on your property, they notice the little details that might escape you.

Well-maintained apartment landscape

Tree roots causing heaving in your sidewalks that could trip a visitor.

Overgrown hedges that can keep drivers from seeing safely, or obscure your security cameras.

A fragile tree limb in danger of toppling.

Then, we take care of it. The safety and security of your property is always on our minds.

No worries for you.

Landscaping Ideas For Safety Start At Outback

Here at Outback Landscape, we know that landscaping doesn’t just beautify your apartment complex — it keeps it, and the people there, safe and secure.

We’re happy to tell you more.

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