How To Revive & Repair Damaged Lawn After a Long Winter

That sparkling white blanket of snow sure is pretty, isn’t it?

But underneath it all, your grass is going through some stuff.

Chunks get torn out. Gravel invades its tender blades. Mice tunnel around, making themselves at home.

And it starts to crave a snack.

We can fix all of that.

Here’s how we can pretty up your lawn after a long winter.

Seed Or Sod The Rough Spots

Nothing against snow plows — we happen to love ours —  but as they push the piles of that white stuff out of the way, they can also tear out chunks of your lawn.

when to plant grass in idaho

Your humble snow blower can do it, too, especially if it catches a wayward hunk of grass that grew higher than the rest.

Come spring, we’ll seed or sod the bare spots so everything looks tidy again.

Rake Out The Gravel

Those same plows tend to push gravel into lawns as they toil all winter plowing snow. Then it settles down into the grass.

Our crews will rake it out, or use a power broom to sweep it out.

(If you’ve never seen a power broom at work, it’s cool. Rubber flaps on a spinning cylinder whisk that pesky gravel right out of your lawn. If you’re home when our crews have at it, take a peek.)

Then we’ll fluff the grass —good as new.

Dethatch: Let Your Lawn Breathe

Snow has a way of matting down the grass. Some of it dies over the winter. Mice love tunneling under your lawn to stay cozy, creating lumpy tunnels.

A good dethatching solves all of this. And spring is a great time to tackle it.

Thatch is the layer of dead grass, old roots and natural debris that hasn’t decomposed. It hangs  out between the soil and your grass, and too much of it keeps water, air and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s roots.

Thinning out this old organic matter helps your lawn breathe again and encourages new growth.

Feed, Feed, Feed

That first spring feeding makes all the difference.

The first fertilizer of the season adds crucial nutrients to your hungry soil and gives your grass that nice pop of green, fast.  

We add this slow release fertilizer in March.

We know what you’re thinking: Whoa, my sprinkler isn’t even hooked up yet!

No matter — this slow release fertilizer doesn’t need water. It goes right to work.

Repair Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Winter can be tough on your irrigation heads.

They’re black, which means they absorb heat on sunny winter days. The hot and cold cycles cause them to expand and contract — and sometimes they move and come out of adjustment.


Snow plows and snow blowers show no mercy, either, often crunching right into them.

Our irrigation techs will check them all over at your spring irrigation startup, and repair or replace as needed.

Damaged Grass? Not For Long.

When that pretty blanket of snow disappears for the season, things can get, well, ugly.

Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

In 2019, Outback Landscape Inc. acquired Idaho Falls based lawn care company, Lawn Buddies

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