Landscape Maintenance Budget Planning: Seven Items You Need To Plan For In Your Budget

Turf care. Check.

Seasonal color. Check.

Routine maintenance. Check.

As you plan the budget for your property's landscape maintenance, if feels good to have all the bases covered.

But do you?

Unexpected problems can pop out of nowhere throughout the year, from storms to disease to irrigation issues.

Don't be caught by surprise. Make sure your landscape maintenance budget planning includes funds for situations like these:

Snow Falls…And Falls…And Falls

Maybe you consider yourself a pretty good amateur meteorologist, and predict your parking lot can handle this winter’s snowfall, no problem.

Then, the snow keeps falling. And falling. Your snow removal company dutifully pushes it out of the way, so your employees and customers have room to park.

But all that snow has to go somewhere. Too much snow blocks your parking lots and leads to property damage when it’s pushed and stacked in the wrong places — like over curbs.

Budget for snow hauling — not just pushing — just in case. It costs extra because it costs your snow removal company extra. It involves extra equipment and a loader big enough to load the snow quickly.

Tree Branches With Minds Of Their Own

If you don't think ahead about tree pruning, you usually realize you need it when it’s too late.

Without proper pruning, tree branches grow into the sight lines of your property, obscuring the safe view of drivers.

Old, dying limbs can topple without warning, crashing onto property or pedestrians.

Skip pruning at crucial times in a tree’s growth and you could end up with a tree that’s misshapen, susceptible to disease or growing into buildings or other structures.

Plan for pruning.

Drainage Woes

Drainage is one of those boring landscape issues that often get shoved to the bottom of the priority list.

But when you suddenly have a drainage problem, you really have a drainage problem.

Maybe your downspouts drain directly onto walkways. That dripping water can easily become a dangerous slick of ice, and a serious hazard to pedestrians on your property. Suddenly, you need to fix that.

Maybe you realize areas of your landscape are sunken and soggy. Huge puddles form in your parking lot and never seem to go away.

You need water management experts. Now.

Disease Strikes

One day you happily note how green and healthy your lawn has been looking, the next you see a weird orange-colored fungus taking over.

Or the perfectly perky flower beds at your entrance are suddenly struck by powdery mildew or leaf rust.

Ignore plant and turf diseases, and they’ll just spread, often infecting other plants around them.

When disease moves in, you’ll want to take care of it sooner rather than later.

Storms Take A Toll

Wind storms, snow storms, ice storms — Mother Nature can really do a number on your landscaping. Set some money aside for debris clean-up, removal of damaged tree limbs, replacement of destroyed plants, clearing of storm drains and any other damage storms might inflict on your property.

You’ll want to get your place cleaned up and looking presentable again as soon as possible.

Irrigation Springs A Leak

Maybe you decided to skip your pre-season irrigation system check-up. It worked fine last year, right? Should be fine.

Then, suddenly, it isn’t.

Valves and spray heads get a lot of wear and tear during the watering season. Then they endure freezing and thawing over the winter. When parts of your system are damaged, you’ll want money handy to replace them.

Safety Issues Pop Up

The safety of your property is a top priority, so when issues arise that compromise safety, you’ll want to address them right way.

Like what, you ask? Cracked or uneven walkways. Overgrown plants or trees that impede drivers or pedestrians. Sunken areas of ground that could cause someone to trip.

Landscaping changes over time. When those changes pose a hazard, make sure you have room in your budget to fix them.

Prepare For The Unexpected With Outback Landscape

At Outback Landscape, we have the expertise to solve all of your unexpected landscape problems. But we really recommend you prepare for the unexpected when you tackle your landscape maintenance budget planning.

landscape maintenance budget planning

Then, your problem can quickly become our problem, without busting your budget.

We can solve those last-minute snow removal, drainage, pruning, storm damage and irrigation problems — and any other landscape issue that suddenly strikes.

We serve residential and commercial properties in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Bonneville, Madison and Bannock counties.

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