Mulching Service: What to Expect and is it Worth The Cost?

If you’ve been hanging out here with us at all, you know it’s not a question of IF you need mulch. You absolutely do, and we’ll remind you more about why in a bit.

So, how should you get this wonderful stuff? 

A. Wait for the mulch fairies to magically sprinkle it over your beds under a full moon;

B.  Shovel it yourself from a huge mountain in your driveway;

C. Hire a yard mulching service to do the job for you.

If you picked A, please take photos. 

If you picked B, stock up on your favorite painkillers. 

If you picked C, here’s why this is a great idea: 

Mulching Service: What Happens Out There

When you hire a mulching service in Idaho Falls, you can make a sandwich, grab some chips, put your feet up and watch professionals expertly spread your beautiful brown mulch, without lifting a finger yourself. Except to maybe point to exactly where you want it spread.

Expect Impressive Installation

While many homeowners tend to spread mulch too thick, professional yard mulching service crews spread just the right amount — 2-3 inches.

home entrance with roses ornamental grasses and mulch

No lumpy spots — just a smooth, even layer that instantly makes your yard look tidy, sleek, and finished. 

Expect Expert Edging from a Mulching Service

Cutting a clean, crisp edge along your beds is the finishing touch and the key to great curb appeal — and the step that many homeowners skip. (It’s kind of a pain.)

Expect No Lingering Mess

When you spread your own mulch, (more on this in a minute) it can be a real mess, from the mountain of mulch in your driveway to the pieces that fall off your shovel or spill from your wheelbarrow as you make your way around the yard.

plantings in mulch near pool area

Professional mulching service crews are tidy, making sure your yard is neat before their truck pulls away.

Expect Fast Results

Mulching service crews do this every day, and work in teams. They’ll be in and out in a fraction of the time it takes to tackle this chore yourself.

Which brings us to…

DIY Mulching: What to Expect

It’s exhausting. Mulch is heavy. Repeated shoveling uses muscles you probably don’t regularly use. It’s easy to pull a muscle or injure your back.

 You’ll be out there for hours. Mulching takes a long time, especially if you have a large property. Don’t you have better things to do on a weekend off? You already worked hard all week.

wheelbarrow and mulch pile

Do you really want a huge mountain of mulch in your driveway? If you have a mulching service deliver mulch to spread yourself, that’s what happens. It’s kind of a mess, and can even leave a stain on your driveway if it sits there too long.

 Planning to buy it in bags instead? They take up a lot of room. Is your vehicle big enough? You’ll probably have to make several trips. Time is adding up.

See a Sign for “Free Mulch?” Pass

Maybe you have a whole plan to do this for cheap, using that mountain of mulch you drove past the other day with the sign that says, “FREE.”


Please, don’t. This isn’t high quality mulch, and can be filled with weed seeds or even bits of construction debris. 

You want quality double- shredded hardwood, the kind a yard mulching service provides.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Mulch

So many reasons:

  • Bark mulch conserves water, by holding in your soil’s moisture so you need less irrigation.

  • It protects your plants’ roots from extremes in temperature, keeping them cozy in cold weather and cool in summer’s heat.

  • Mulch keeps rain from washing away your soil.

  • As it decomposes over time, bark mulch adds nutrients to your soil.

  • And, maybe everybody’s favorite mulch benefit: it discourages weeds from popping up, keeping everything dark so the weed seeds can’t sprout.

  • Finally, mulch just looks great, adding a tidy, uniform appearance to your beds.

Need Mulching Service in Idaho Falls? Trust Outback

Sure, a mulching service cost is higher than if you tackle this chore yourself. 

But think about how much your time is worth. And how little free time you have. And how your back isn’t really as sturdy as it used to be. And how a messy mountain of mulch in your driveway will put you in a bad mood. And how quickly and professionally the job will be done if you hire pros who do this every day. 

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