What Does Landscape Maintenance Include? 7 Landscaping Services to Expect

Pucker up. 

When you hire a great full-service landscape maintenance company, you can pretty much kiss your landscaping worries goodbye.

Will they make your grass healthy and green? Yes!

Keep your irrigation system running smoothly? You bet! 

Tidy up your yard after the big yucky messes spring and fall leave behind? Absolutely!

As long as they’re there, will they clean out your garage and maybe secure that saggy gutter? 

Well, no. Don’t be greedy.

What does residential landscape maintenance include?

A lot. Here’s a look.

1. Weekly Lawn Maintenance? Included! 

You get the whole shebang — mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off of all walks and paved areas. 

At Outback, we collect and haul away all the grass clippings. Wait a minute — isn’t mulching them better? Good question. 

landscape maintenance team mows lawn and bags clippings

Here in Idaho, mulching lawn clippings works in the hottest summer months. But in other seasons, we don’t have the high temperatures and humidity needed to break down the grass clippings between mowings.

Those excess grass clippings can be a real nuisance, sticking to your shoes or bare feet, staining your kids’ clothes and getting tracked into the house.

Bagging the clippings keeps everything neater.

2. What Does Landscape Maintenance Include? Fertilizing and Weed Control

This super important duo keeps your lawn well-fed and reduces weeds with perfectly timed treatments throughout the seasons. 

fertilizer poured out on grass

If you’ve tried doing this yourself, you already know that keeping track of all the application times and amounts and maneuvering through a garage stuffed with bulky bags of products is a huge pain. How many times have you stubbed your toe on that stupid spreader?

3. Mulch! Yay, It’s a Service! 

Don’t get us started on the awesomeness of mulch. 

Too late.

Bark mulch conserves water so you need less irrigation. It keeps your plants’ roots cozy in cold weather and cool in summer’s heat.

mulch installed in landscape beds

Mulch keeps rain from washing away your soil, keeps weeds from popping up, adds nutrients to your soil, and just plain looks great, adding a tidy, uniform appearance to your beds.

You need it.

4. Pond Maintenance? Sure, Why Not? 

Need somebody to drop by to check on your pond, keep your filters clear of debris, maintain the water quality, and winterize it for you in the fall?

Yup, that’s a landscape maintenance service.

5. What Does Landscape Maintenance Include? Irrigation Services

Don’t ignore your sprinkler system. Get your watering season off on the right track with a spring irrigation start up. Irrigation technicians will turn on your water in the spring, set your clock, adjust all your sprinklers and check the irrigation zones.

irrigation watering lawn

Then, woo hoo, they’ll be back in the fall to winterize it to prevent freezing.

6. Weeding and Bed Maintenance 

Hate getting your hands dirty? We love it. 

What’s included in landscape maintenance? Outback crews will deadhead, clean up perennials, weed. Set up a weekly schedule to make sure your flower beds are blooming, big time.

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7. Seasonal Clean-Up? Included! 

Spring and fall really know how to make a mess, right?  Fallen branches. Slimy old leaves. Half decomposed perennials. 
Could you be this lucky? Yes! Turn one of the yuckiest landscape maintenance chores over to the pros.

Missing Anything? Just Ask! 

Is there a landscape maintenance service you need that you don’t see listed here? Ask us! If it involves your lawn or landscaping, we probably do it.

The Benefit of Pros on the Job

What’s included in landscape maintenance? Peace of mind. 

When landscape maintenance pros take care of every inch of your lawn and landscaping through all of the seasons, we get to know it pretty well.

That means we spot potential problems before they get out of hand, from early signs of lawn diseases that can quickly devastate your grass to signs of destructive bug damage on your precious trees and shrubs.

Beyond Landscape Maintenance 

Sure, Outback crews are landscape maintenance experts. 

But sometimes you need more. Just landscape maintenance services in Idaho Falls isn’t enough.

Outback Landscape is a full-service landscaping company offering maintenance, design, and landscape installation throughout Southeast Idaho and Wyoming.

patio with pergola and firepit

We don’t just maintain beautiful, functional landscapes — we design and install them, too. 

Doesn’t a new patio sound nice? Maybe with a fire pit. The kids could roast marshmallows. Sharpen your sticks — we’re on it.

Once snowflakes start to fall, we don’t abandon you. We’ll be there to de-ice your walks and keep your driveway clear of snow. No matter how much falls.

holiday lighting at home

And when the holidays approach, we’re happy to stop over to adorn your house and yard with thousands of sparkling lights.

We’re with you every month of the year. Your property will never be happier.

Need Landscape Maintenance Services in Idaho Falls? Trust Outback

What does residential landscape maintenance include? Pretty much whatever you need. But that messy garage is up to you.

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