Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping with Native Plants in Idaho

The trend to buy local is ramping up across the country. And what’s more local than native plants that have been here since before us?

Here’s some advice about using native Idaho plants in your landscaping.

What is Landscaping with Native Plants?

If you’ve lived somewhere your entire life, you’re a native — and plants are no different.

Native plants are varieties that are indigenous to a specific area. There is a wide range of native plants in Idaho, including trees, flowers, shrubs, grasses and other plants.

You can use native plants in your plant beds, container gardens, or wherever you want to add some life around your landscape design.

Landscape with native plants in Idaho

There are also adaptive plants that aren’t originally from the area but have grown to have many of the same benefits of native varieties — giving you an even wider selection of sustainable planting options for Idaho landscaping.

5 Benefits of Using Native Plants for Landscaping

Beyond the aesthetic value you can enjoy by landscaping with native plants in Idaho, there are some specific upsides to natives that have made them so popular.

These are some of the benefits of using native plants:

  • Require less water, saving natural resources and money
  • Need less maintenance
  • Require fewer chemicals
  • Attract more wildlife
  • Thrive in local climate better

Overall, native plants are a more sustainable option that will save you money and time.

Common Myths About Native Plants

You’re probably wondering what the downside is to landscaping with native plants in Idaho, and you may have even heard a few reasons.

But, there are a lot of myths out there about native plants, including three that need to be debunked:

  • Native plants aren’t as bright and colorful. Natives actually thrive better in our conditions, making them even livelier than other varieties.
  • You don’t have many varieties to choose from. There are more than 18,000 native plant species across the country, according to the Ecological Landscape Alliance. Not all of those are native to Idaho, obviously, but it shows there are plenty of native options out there.
  • They cost more. Plants don’t cost more just because they are native. Sometimes, certain plants (both native and non-native) will have a higher price tag because there’s a shortage of them. It’s a classic case of supply and demand.

Local Landscapers Can Help You Choose The Best Native Plants

Incorporating sustainable elements is going to continue to be a top trend across the country — and native plants are one of the most efficient (and stunning) options to do that.

Beyond just choosing a native plant, you also need to make sure that the plant is designed for the space. For example, if it’s an area that gets a lot of sun, make sure you choose a full-sun native variety.

Want some help choosing native plants for landscaping in Idaho?

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