How Much Does it Cost to Update a Sprinkler System in Idaho Falls?

Pretty much everything needs an update once in a while, right?

Your car. Your phone. Your hairstyle. (No offense.) 

Same for your irrigation system. Unless it’s pretty new, you should upgrade your irrigation system so it can work its best out there, giving your lawn and landscaping the water it needs to thrive, without wasting water — and your money.

Sprinkler system upgrades will make sure your lawn only gets water when it’s needed, monitors how much water you’re using, and reduces waste.

It’s even more important than an updated haircut. Mullets are cool again, right?

How much does it cost to update a sprinkler system?

Here’s a look at some popular sprinkler system updates and how much each costs:

Upgrade Your Irrigation System with More Efficient Heads

High-efficiency rotator sprinkler heads are water-saving wonders, using much less water and water pressure than traditional fan-shaped sprinkler heads. 

While a typical 10-foot fan nozzle uses four or more gallons of water a minute, a high-efficiency rotator uses just 1/2 gallon of water a minute.

sprinkler head waters flowers

Consider updating your sprinkler system with high-efficiency MP rotator nozzles. This update can also reduce the number of spray heads needed since it can spray from 5 to 35 feet, compared to 4 to 10 feet from regular spray heads.

The cost to upgrade a sprinkler system with MP rotators is $45 to $50 per head, including installation costs, and they give you at least a 30 percent reduction in water use.

Cost to Update a Sprinkler System with Rain and Wind Sensors

Can we talk for a minute about sprinkler systems that chug away while it’s raining? Please, don’t be that guy.

Time to upgrade your irrigation system with sensors that detect when rain or wind are coming and shut off your sprinkler system.

sprinkler head waters flowers

Rain sensors detect moisture and keep your sprinkler system from running in the rain. These cost about $199 installed.

You can also keep your sprinkler system from running if it’s too windy. A wind sensor will turn your system off if there are high winds, which can blow the water to the wrong areas, like sidewalks.

The cost to upgrade your sprinkler system with these is about the same as a rain sensor.

Update Your Sprinkler System with a Weather Station

Unlike sensors that can only monitor rain or wind individually, weather stations offer those features and more.

They combine the benefits of a rain, wind and freeze sensor to make your sprinkler system more efficient and smarter.

sprinklers water grass

This is a popular upgrade for irrigation installation in Idaho Falls, where we can have 50-degree mornings and then 90 degrees in the afternoon. And in the fall, temps can start out below freezing and gradually rise during the day. The station will keep your sprinkler from running during freezing conditions.

The cost to update your irrigation system with a miniature weather station is $350 to $500, including installation.

Update Your Irrigation System with a Smart Controller

Your controller is the brains of the whole operation, so shouldn’t it be as smart as possible?

Upgrade your irrigation system with a Hydrawise irrigation controller. It links with AccuWeather and can control your sprinkling with weather and water triggers based on the weather in your exact area. 

sprinkler heads water flowers

If rain is in the forecast, it will hold off on watering, knowing nature will do it for you. 

Rainfall yesterday? The controller will automatically skip today’s watering cycle. Pretty smart.

Update Your Sprinkler System to Save Water and Money

Sure, you’re shelling out some bucks to upgrade your sprinkler system, and you might worry you won’t have enough left for that new hairstyle. 

But the good news: you’ll get your money back, and probably more over time with the resulting water savings. 

Why Waste Water? Read our Guide to Smart Irrigation
Saving water and money is a win-win for you and the environment.

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