How Much Does it Cost to Update a Sprinkler System in Idaho Falls?

We depend on our smartphones for everything from emails and texts to surfing the web. They have really come a long way in the past decade.

While your phone can do a lot, it’s not going to last forever. Every few years, you’re probably going to need to upgrade to a new one if you value efficiency and features.

And sprinkler systems aren’t any different.

They may not be able to play funny cat videos or make calls, but your sprinkler system can make your lawn healthier — and your wallet fatter — if it’s kept maintained and updated.

Sprinkler system upgrades will make sure your lawn only gets water when it’s needed, monitors how much water you’re using and reduces waste.

There are several cost-efficient ways to update your sprinkler system. Plus, the good news about paying for system updates is that you’re going to get your money back (and some) over time with the resulting water savings.

So, how much does it cost to update a sprinkler system? Here’s a look at some popular sprinkler system updates and how much each costs.

Request Sprinkler System WinterizationSprinkler Spray Heads

One small way to make a huge difference with your system is by updating the spray nozzles on the sprinkler’s spray heads. They can get damaged from mowing, weather and just time, which can lead to over or under watering.

For example, if the nozzle doesn’t have the same amount of pressure it did when installed, it won’t be able to fully cover the intended area, leaving you with watering gaps.

To fix that, you can have your existing irrigation heads retrofitted with high-efficiency MP rotator nozzles. This update can also reduce the number of spray heads needed since it can spray from 5 to 35 feet, compared to 4 to 10 feet from regular spray heads.

MP rotators cost $45 to $50 per head, including installation costs, and they give you at least a 30-percent reduction in water use.

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Rain and Wind Sensors

Don’t you hate seeing a sprinkler system running when it’s raining? While it probably irks your nerves like it does me, you may not be sure how to prevent it. You can’t just look in a mirror ball to see when it will rain every time, right?

You might not be able to predict the weather, but sensors can actually let you know when rain or wind are coming and shut off your sprinkler system.

Rain sensors are an aboveground technology that detect moisture and keep the system from running if rain is detected. These cost about $99 installed.

You can also keep your sprinkler system from running if it’s too windy. It will turn your system off if there are high winds, which can blow the water to the wrong areas (like sidewalks). These are similar in price to rain sensors.

Weather Station

To get a complete weather forecast, you’ll need to install a weather station. Unlike sensors that can only monitor rain or wind individually, these stations offer those features and more.

They combine the benefits of a rain, wind and freeze sensor to make your sprinkler system more efficient and smarter.

Having a weather station is especially beneficial in Idaho Falls where we can have 50-degree mornings and then 90 degrees in the afternoon. And in the fall, temps can start out below freezing and gradually rise during the day. The station will keep your sprinkler from running during freezing conditions, for example.

You can get a miniature weather station for $350 to $500, including installation.

Update Your Sprinkler System to Save Water, Money

Saving water and money is a win-win for you and the environment. You can start enjoying these benefits with some cost-efficient sprinkler system updates.

Our team at Outback Landscape has years of experience with simple and complex sprinkler systems and updates.

We will assess your property and discover the best spray heads, controllers and components to meet your landscape’s needs. Our irrigation services include installation, maintenance, repairs and updates for commercial and residential landscapes.

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