Nine Quick And Easy Commercial Landscape Enhancements That Add Value To Your Property

Sometimes all it takes is a quick and easy upgrade or addition to add value to your property and make people take notice.

Some seasonal color here, new fencing there, add a few dramatic planters and — bam — instant impact.

Here’s a look at some simple commercial landscape enhancements you'll love:

Seasonal Color Rotation

Nothing brightens up the landscape like drifts of spectacular, colorful flowers. Everybody looks.

The great thing about flowers and plants is there’s a host of choices for every season. Summer flower power is obvious, but don’t neglect the other seasons.

Spring bulbs offer an explosion of color just when we need it, after winter’s dull days. Red and yellow tulips? Dare you not to smile.

Some plants hit their stride during the fall months, helping to extend your site’s color. Ornamental cabbage and kale come in beautiful shades of green and purple, and offer interesting ruffly texture.

Add a red twig dogwood for showy coral-red branches or a holly with glossy green leaves and bright red berries for winter interest.

Consider Rock Mulch

Those gusty winds we get here in Idaho don't just wreck your good hair day — they take your nice spread of wood mulch with them.

Consider replacing your traditional wood mulch with sturdy and decorative rock mulch. Adding rock around your plant beds and entrances creates visual interest. And since the rocks aree heavier than wood mulch, they won't sail away on a windy day.

Rock costs more up front than wood mulch, but it doesn’t decompose so you’ll save money in the long run.

Add Steel Edging

Install steel edging around your lawn and eliminate the need for painstaking hand trimming. Mowers can mow right over it, which saves you money on mowing.

Rubber Playground Mulch

Switch out the wood mulch on your playground for rubber mulch, made from recycled tires. It’s shock absorbent and clean. While rubber mulch costs more than traditional mulch, it lasts considerably longer.

Upgrade Fencing

Replace wood fencing, which eventually rots and needs repair, with no-maintenance vinyl fencing. Vinyl offers the look of a wood fence but comes with the convenience of low maintenance. Buy it in the color you like and you’ll never have to paint it.

Dirty? Just spray off a vinyl fence. They won’t split, crack, rot or get munched by termites.

Or opt for powder coated steel, which offers an elegant and more open, airy look. There’s a multitude of styles, from simple to fancy.

Install Tree Rings

Tree rings are a simple addition with big benefits. These sturdy rubber rings protect trees from being bumped by mowers or hit by rotary weed trimmers, which can cause severe damage to the base of the tree and leave it susceptible to infection or insect damage.

When filled with mulch, tree rings also help retain moisture.

Upgrade Irrigation

Your irrigation system’s spray rotors or pop-up emitters can often be swapped for new, more efficient ones. Updated sprayers use less water, and may have a different spray angle that sprays water more efficiently. Your goal is to water your lawn and plants — not your sidewalks or parking lot.


And if you don’t have smart irrigation controls, you should. They act as a sort of thermostat for your sprinkler system, telling it when to turn on and off. Instead of just turning on based on what time of day it is, they can use local weather and landscape conditions to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions in your landscape.

Smart controllers maintain your watering schedule, so you don’t have to. They automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best.

Add Drama With Big Planters

Supersize containers make an instant impressive impact — perfect for commercial properties like hotels, office buildings and shopping plazas.

In the summer, large tropical plants add drama. Think banana trees or elegant palms.

Once the cool weather moves in, big planters can show off arborvitae, boxwood or holly. Add twinkling white lights and you're ready for the holidays. Worried about the hassle and mess of potting soil and fertilizer? The pros will do all that for you.  

Light It Up With Low Voltage Lighting

The right lighting makes a huge impact. It makes dark corners warm and inviting, adds safety and security and highlights beautiful landscaping after the sun goes down.

Take a stroll around your property and take note of dark areas that need a lighting boost. Entryways and walkways. Steps and stairs. Water features. Outdoor seating.

There’s specialized lighting available for any landscape feature.

Low voltage is the way to go for longevity and to conserve energy. That means LED lights. Halogen bulbs last for only about one year, and replacing them annually is a hassle. LED bulbs have an average life of 50,000 hours and use 75 percent less electricity than halogen bulbs.

While LED bulbs cost more upfront, the savings over time is substantial.

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