5 Benefits of Full-Service Commercial Landscape Maintenance

When your car needs a tune-up, chances are you don’t take it to one place for new spark plugs, another for the air filter, and a third place to check your fluids. 

That makes no sense. How are you supposed to relax in the waiting room and have coffee and a chocolate donut if you’re spending all your time driving to all those auto repair shops? 

Now think about your commercial property’s landscaping needs. If you’re hiring separate vendors for your lawn care, your irrigation, your construction projects, and your snow and ice management, you’re dealing with a lot of unnecessary stress.

Consider making your life way easier by hiring just one commercial landscape service for all your needs. 

There are plenty of reasons. And not just because you’ll have more time for a donut. Here are 5 benefits to hiring a full-service commercial landscaping company:

1. One Go-to Company, Less Hassle

When one company handles all your commercial landscape maintenance needs, from turf care to fall clean-up to snow and ice removal, it’s easier on you. 

There’s one place to call when you have questions or concerns about your property, no matter the time of year. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have one go-to pro when any landscaping need pops up?

A summer lawn disease has ugly brown spots in your turf? Call us. 

landscape maintenance team mowing near sign

Irrigation system leak? Call us.

Need a new outdoor dining patio? Call us.

Snow piling up and blocking your parking lot drains? 

You get the idea. 

One trusted commercial landscape service handling all your landscaping needs means a lot less stress for you.

2. One Company, Less Confusion

Why would you want separate commercial landscape contracts for your maintenance, design and construction, irrigation, and snow and ice management when you could have one main contact for all your needs?

Using separate contractors for your landscaping needs means a lot of bidding, a lot of contracts, a lot of hassle.

front loader and landscape crew in backyard

Don’t you already spend too much time on the phone, checking emails and replying to texts? Wouldn’t it be nice to have time for lunch for a change? 

Remember your grandmother talking about too many cooks in the kitchen? Wise words. 

When one commercial landscape service handles everything, your life will get a lot less complicated.

3. They’ll Really Get to Know Your Site  

When one commercial landscape service handles all your property’s needs, they’ll get to know your property really well.

That’s a good thing. 

Crews who are really familiar with your property will notice changes over time that could signal a problem. 

Once a commercial landscape service works with you for a while on all your property’s needs, they’ll get to know your expectations —for everything from turf care to snow removal.

truck plows snow at commercial property

When crews take care of your property in spring, summer and fall, once winter hits they have great knowledge of your site’s snow removal needs, from exactly what size plow to use to clear the snow without damaging adjacent grass or beds to where water may puddle up and freeze, requiring extra ice melt. 

You’ll have an extra set of eyes and ears familiar with your property always on the lookout. 

We know commercial property managers or owners are often based out of town and aren’t always on site.

When one commercial landscape maintenance company takes care of all your property’s landscaping needs year-round, that’s a built-in crew of lookouts to catch important details.

A cracked sidewalk that poses a tripping hazard. An insect infestation in your shrubs. A drainage issue causing water to puddle and freeze. 

We’ll see it, and we’re on it.

4. One Commercial Landscape Service, No Finger Pointing

When you have a bunch of different vendors working on your property, there’s big potential for the Blame Game. 

Who damaged those irrigation lines?  Not me. Not me. Beats me. 

skid loader and front loader move stones

When you have one full-service commercial landscape service, everybody works together for the good of your priority. If there’s a problem, they’ll fix it. 

5. Streamlined Budgeting

When one commercial landscape maintenance company takes care of all your property’s needs, budgeting is more streamlined and easier. 

lawn care team mows grass

You decide the services you need and when you need them and you know the cost for everything up front. One commercial landscape contract. 

Everybody loves a sense of stability, right?

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