10 Tips to Save Water When Watering Your Lawn & Plants

Worried about how much water you use to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful?

When you’re watering your landscape, those gallons add up.

Here at Outback, we’re irrigation experts. 

Here are ten tips to help you save water when watering your lawn and plants.

1. Install An Irrigation System

You probably saw this one coming, but we’re hitting it first because it really will make a huge impact. 

Unlike hoses and sprinklers, an irrigation system distributes water only where your landscape needs it, dramatically reducing wasted water. 

Irrigation system to save water

Sprinkler heads are placed precisely, so they target only your lawn, flowers and shrubs. 

Timers shut the system off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it chugging away because you forgot to turn sprinklers off. 

And we can retrofit your aging system with updated heads and nozzles that will make it more efficient.

2. Smart Irrigation Technology 

Today’s irrigation systems are smart enough to save you water and money. 

Smart irrigation controls don’t start your sprinklers based on time of day, but hone in on local weather forecasts and your exact landscape conditions, so the watering schedule is precisely right for your landscape. 

The result? You use as little water as possible while your landscape thrives. 

Rain yesterday? The controller will automatically skip today’s watering cycle. And we can log in remotely to make any adjustments, as needed.

3. Opt For Water Audit

A water audit takes stock of your irrigation system’s reach. You’ll find out exactly where your water is spraying, so any water-saving adjustments can be made if necessary.  

4. Use Mulch 

Mulch conserves water by holding in your soil’s moisture so you need less irrigation and will save water.

backyard with mulch to save water

And there’s nothing like a fresh layer of rich brown mulch to make your landscaping look tidy and complete.

But it doesn’t preserve your soil’s moisture forever. 

Mulch breaks down over time, so give your beds a fresh, hardworking layer every spring.

5. Re-Think Your Lawn

We love a nice big green carpet of lawn as much as the next guy, but grass is pretty thirsty stuff.

You have options. 

How about a drought-resistant ground cover? 

Or a pretty meadow landscape of wild flowers? 

Hardscape anyone? A stylish, no-fuss patio gives you a great entertaining space — no sprinklers required.

6. Capture Rain Water 

Rain is free water — why let it go to waste? 

Position rain barrels at the bottom of your downspouts to collect all the water that streams off your roof. 

Or we can install a rain capture system for you, even incorporating into your irrigation system. 

7. Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses considerably less water than traditional sprinklers and puts that precious water right at the roots of your plants, where it’s actually needed. 

Just like it sounds, this type of irrigation system drips water slowly from holes in tubing — which is either installed below ground or on the soil surface.

Instead of spraying large areas like sprinklers, drip irrigation allows you to really target plants, instead of covering a wide space all at once. 

You already have irrigation heads in your plant beds? Don’t worry — no need to dig it all up. We can transform your current system to drip irrigation.

8. Embrace Native Plants

If you’re not using native plants in your landscaping, saving on your water bill is a great reason to start.

Western Yarrow - Idaho Native Plant

While exotic flowers are often real water hogs, Idaho’s beautiful native plants hardly need any. They’re used to thriving without extra water. They’re just happy to be here. 

Bonus: they fend off diseases and pests and provide food and shelter for pollinators.

9. Water at The Right Time 

Be strategic about your watering to save money on your bill. 

Early morning is the best time — it’s still cool, so all that valuable water won’t evaporate in the hot sun.  

And don’t think your grass needs watering every day. It doesn’t. 

Water too often, and it encourages shallow, needy roots. 

Water less often but deeply, and roots will grow deeper and healthier — and be happy with less water. 

10. Don’t Neglect Maintenance 

We know it’s tempting not to spend money on your irrigation system unless it’s broken. 

But if you haven’t had your irrigation system inspected by technicians lately, it could be wasting water and costing you money.

Clogged sprinkler heads and leaky valves waste water, inching up your water bill. 

Save Water — And Money — With Outback 

As water becomes an even more precious and costly commodity, why waste it?

Our irrigation experts can help you find a multitude of ways to save water — and money. 

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Image source: western yarrow