What Are The Best Large Decorative Pots And Containers For Commercial Properties?

One of the latest trends in planters and containers is perfect for commercial properties.

Big planters. Really big.

These giant pots filled with dramatic, impressive plants, flowers — and even trees — make an instant impact.

Imagine them flanking your entrance, lining your walkway or holding court in your courtyard.

They’re impossible to ignore.

We know what you’re thinking. What to plant in large containers? Do they change with the seasons? Who waters them?

We have all the answers.

Big Spaces Need Big Planters

Maybe you’ve already experimented with planters at your commercial property. Chances are, you skimped. It’s a common mistake — not thinking big enough.

Most commercial property owners either don't use enough planters to make an impact, or their planters are too small to be noticed.

If your commercial property includes tall buildings, several stories high, small planters just get lost. Nobody notices them.

We’re talking impressive pots that can range from 2 feet wide by 2 feet tall to 4 to 5 feet tall and wide, or larger.

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The Beauty Of Big

If your commercial property lacks green space — and many do — landscaping with large containers is perfect. They add a cool, calming dose of nature. They break up the monotony of a large flat wall. They can hide ugly eyesores.

Because they’re big, large pots create privacy. Create conversation areas in a courtyard. Screen a swimming pool.

Perfect Pot Placement

Pondering where to place these monster pots?

— Entrances. Big, impressive containers of eye-catching plants are impossible to miss. More people will notice your entrance.

— Signage. Draw attention to your property’s signage by placing a spectacular large planter near it.

— Walkways, common areas, courtyards. These often ho-hum hardscaped spaces come to life with huge, impressive pots brimming with bright color and interesting foliage.

Planters As Artwork

Picturing giant pots crafted of plain orange clay? You've got it all wrong.

Choose sleek, modern cylinders. Elegant, curvy urns. Vibrant  splashes of color. These oversized beauties are stunning even without plants.

A beautiful large container is like a piece of art for your property, and it adds the same kind of impact.


How To Plant Large Containers

You’ve finally arrived at the fun part! The possibilities will dazzle you.

Because these pots are large, they can hold big, dramatic plants, small trees, or intriguing combinations of colors and textures.

Here are just some ideas for large container planting.

Think Tropical

Here in Idaho, you don't see sprawling jungles of tropical plants. So when they show up in large, impressive planters, people notice. Think banana trees. Exotic palms. Colorful canna. They make a statement. When cold weather moves in, these planters look great indoors, in a bright lobby, indoor courtyard or reception area.

Trees? Yes, Trees

Some trees do well in large containers, and they look stunning. Smaller crape myrtles, flowering cherry, Japanese maples and bamboo hold their own in an oversized pot.

When cooler weather sets in, switch in arborvitae, boxwood or holly.

Fun Fillers

While the trees are the dramatic centerpieces, there’s plenty of room at the base to have some fun with fillers.

Annual grasses are great fillers. Pennisetum rubrum or Fireworks varieties offer a fun purple or pink punch.

Some large grasses are dramatic enough to be a large planter’s centerpiece, offering intriguing textures, colors and frilly plumes.


Mix It Up

Giant planters offer plenty of room for dazzling combinations of plants. Maybe start with a tall, stately ornamental grass. Add a mounding sweet potato vine, a vivid geranium and a textured coleus. Finish it off with a trailing golden creeping jenny that will spill over the sides.

A huge pot filled with intriguing combinations of colors and textures will stop people in their tracks.

New Season, New Plants

One great thing about large containers is you can use them year-round, changing the plants with the seasons.

When it gets too chilly for the tropical beauties of summer, pop in a small evergreen tree and surround it with colorful mums and ornamental cabbage for autumn.

That evergreen will last through the winter. Or tuck in bundles of birch branches or red-twig dogwood. Add twinkling white lights and your containers are ready for the holidays.

Don’t Forget To Water

Unless you hire a landscape maintenance company to regularly water the large trees and plants in your containers, they often don't thrive. Even large pots dry out quickly in the summer sun and heat — faster than plants installed in the ground.

The best bet is to hire professionals to keep these large containers irrigated.

Too Messy? Leave It To The Pros

Super-sized planters need a lot of potting soil. That means a super-sized mess.

No problem — at Outback Landscape, we do it all for you, from choosing the plants to picking the perfect pot to planting it all up and delivering the beauties right to your door.

Go Big With Outback Landscape

At Outback Landscape, we love matching great, oversized planters with the perfect greenery. We know it’s one of the best ways to make an impact on your commercial property.

Landscaping with large containers to impress your visitors and customers is just one of our many specialties.

We serve residential and commercial properties in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Bonneville, Madison and Bannock counties.

Call us at 208-656-3220. Or fill out the contact form to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our team members.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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