4 Ways a Fire Pit Can Heat Up Your Landscape this Summer

Fire pit

Idaho homeowners are heating up their outdoor spaces, literally.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, ninety-seven percent of landscape architects rated fire pits and fireplaces as top in-demand landscape additions this year.

The element of fire adds a whole new dimension to the landscape. Not only does fire create a mesmerizing effect with its flickering flames, but it also provides a gathering place for outdoor functions.

Fire creates a lively focal point for warmth on cool, summer nights, as well as a place to cook classic, summer snacks, such as hotdogs or S’mores. After all, marshmallows always taste better roasted over an open flame.

There are four key reasons why incorporating fire pits into your backyard landscape could be just what your space needs.

Gather Together

Fire has been at the center of meeting places since humans first discovered its orange-red-blue flames. Today, it still remains the center of attention for parties and get-togethers. A fire pit adds a warm ambiance, an inviting center for lively conversation or a quiet moment of reflection in front of the brilliant blaze.

Stay Warm

As August winds down, the nights become cooler and cooler. A fire pit can let you keep the party going past sundown by extending the heat and light of day in your cozy outdoor living room. And when fall and winter arrive, fire pits can keep you warm as you enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons.

Heat It Up

There are only three ingredients to the best summertime dessert in the world: graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Whether you like your marshmallows toasty or burnt, sharing sweet treats while reminiscing with family and sharing stories around the fire is an unforgettable experience. A fire pit is where memories are made.

Add A Landscape Focal Point

The hearth is the heart of any home. As one heads outside, this doesn’t change. An outdoor living room designed with a fire pit at its center creates a relaxing environment, in which a family can settle and unwind.

And if you’re envisioning just a standard circle in the dirt surrounded by stones, open your imagination to the new age of fire pits. As one of the hottest home accessories today, a fire pit has evolved from basic to upscale designs.

Today’s fire pits can be easily incorporated into modern backyard landscape designs. Think fire pit tables, fire bowls and fire pits designed with concrete, stone or even tile mosaic.

Not only can a fire pit elongate your time spent in your favorite relaxing space, but it can also bring back that complete campfire experience you remember from childhood: the crisp crackling of wood, glowing embers, sparks rising to the sky resembling miniature fireworks and the warm, autumn-toasted scent.

Thinking of adding a fire pit to your landscape? Having a hard time envisioning how it would fit in? Contact our design professionals at (208) 656-3220 for a free consultation to help you create the yard you’ve always envisioned.

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Image credit: Jay Malone